Friday, October 21, 2011

Welcome one and all!

To our Beloved Fanciful Friendling, Vanessa Valencia’s, annual HaLLoWeeN PaRty!!




I thought, “what better place to celebrate Halloween than at The Most Magical place of all…
Disneyland, of course!!”

I don’t usually go to the park at night, but I thought since it was Halloween I might just dare to take a peek. Tis rumored the park is haunted so we shall see what we shall see.


The river boat is always a fun destination, however this evening it cast an other- worldly glow over the water, so…no thank you. I’ll keep walking.


I rounded the bend to find Mickey looking a wee bit frightened and when I turned to look behind me I understood why.


The old dead tree had sprouted gnarled leaves that grew into scary jack-o-lanters staring back at me.


Other then the wind in the old dead tree all was quiet in Frontier Land till I heard the faintest sound of mariachi bands drifting from the ground.


I tried to get this old woman’s attention, “Excuse me mam, could you tell me where I can get a bite to eat?” She glanced down then looked away and had absolutely nothing to say, as her boney body swayed to the sound of the guitars.


I was becoming very hungry when I spied this salty old gent strolling by. I tried to get his attention too, but he was busy pointing at an old torn map while mumbling something about buried treasure…hmm.


I passed by the old planation house with it’s candles all aglow. The place has been vacant until recently when the strangest of characters moved in with a bunch of his even stranger friends.


I continued on my way until I happened upon this little guy who looked like he could use a pastry or two or three or even four. Maybe he could point me to a door that would lead to treats galore.


Yes! He knew, but who would have known, that this little man with no skin only bones would know the way to pleasures unknown…
what else but a giant slice of chocolate cake with a steaming cup of coffee.


Well I had a fun time but saw no ghouls or ghosts…
however, there was this woman trapped in a tower as I scurried on my way.

OK, now it’s your turn to scurry off and visit all the wonderful fun posts at this years party and a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to the Beloved One for hosting such a fun annual event…


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I don’t know what it is

About this time of year, but every Fall without fail my taste buds start craving
PUMPKIN SHAKES!!! Does that happen to you as well?
Each morning when I wake up it’s one of my first thoughts…
strange, I know, but true.


Maybe it’s due to all the happy pumpkins, grinning at me,
as I stroll down Main street USA.


Or the happy pumpkin man who beckons me to stop and watch the pumpkin carving contest.



Maybe it’s the brightly colored banners swaying beneath the most amazing blue skies…
I can’t recall a year when our skies were filled with such beautiful billowy clouds…
makes me wonder what’s going on in the heavens.


I think they may be wondering too!


Oh yes, I almost forgot…
Pumpkin Shakes!! what makes me crave them this time of year?
I guess it’s just a tradition of mine.


And in case you didn’t know,
Jack’s Pumpkin shakes
are BACK!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

I’m an Autumn kind’a Girl


If I had to choose one season over the others, it would definitely be Autumn!
Autumn is my favorite time of year.
Spring is wonderful with its profusion of bright colorful flowers and who can resist the first sprigs of spring after a dull gray lifeless winter…


But I’m an Autumn kind’a girl.
Autumn holds memories of cool damp mornings that fade into warm golden afternoons. Only to be followed by midnight blue skies filled with bright shining diamonds twinkling above.
Even the moon appears brighter in the autumn night.


I do have to admit that I love the cotton candy shades of the color wheel, but I’m always drawn away by the warm subtle undertones of reds, yellows, and orange. After all, Autumn is my favorite time of year.


What is your favorite season…I’d love to know.