Friday, September 11, 2009

When you Wish upon a Star…

It makes no difference who you are…
unless you are a BUG!!!
A BUG who all his short life has DREAMED
of going to Disneyland!!!
So there we were standing in line for the Monorail.  Both of us with our passports ready to enter the Happiest Place on Earth!
Little Milo was jumping up and down with so much excitement that he almost fell to the platform below, but don’t worry Deb, I’m taking good care of your little bug boy ;-).

The first thing Milo wanted to do was run straight through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle to King Arthur's sword, for he longed to pull it out of the stone where it was mystically held in placed by one of Merlin’s spells. As you know, only the true king can release it from the icy grips of that ancient rock. He’d heard other bugs talking about it and knew in his heart of hearts that he would be the one!!!
I didn’t have the heart to tell him it wasn’t the real sword in the stone.

 But he pulled and tugged…
and tugged some more, but alas, the sword didn’t budge so…

we had popcorn instead. I know that whenever I’m feeling blue a bowl of popcorn cheers me like nothing else and it seemed to work for Milo too. For a little guy he sure can eat a lot!
Milo was very impressed by the many different boats at the Magical Kingdom and kept asking the cutest questions that I couldn’t answer. “Don’t you want to know about the architecture,” I’d ask. “No, boats” was his reply. I could tell him anything about the architectural styles represented in the park, but not much about the boats. I have to admit it was the first awkward moment Milo and I had shared since I lifted him from his SMTU until…
another boat drifted by. A flat bottom river boat that runs on steam, has a giant paddle wheel that propels it through the treacherous shallow waters of the Rivers of America. Plus its covered with Gingerbread! “Gingerbread?” He asks. I could see a little gleam in his eye at the thought of all that sugar. “No Milo, it’s made out of wood.” “Wood?” “Yes wood.”
I could see he was a bit perplexed and who wouldn’t be with a language that uses one word that has multiple meanings. I have to admit, it baffles me at times too.
We met cute girls on the way who happily posed with Milo. Thank you cute girl ;-). I forgot to ask your name, but Milo enjoyed meeting you and loved your blue scarf and your sweet smile! And we wouldn't want to forget the cute scrolly stuff on the hem of your dress!
Milo won FIRST PLACE in the sheep shearing contest. Have you ever seen a bug sheer a sheep? Neither had I until this moment and I don’t think I’ll ever see anything quite like it again. It’s one of those memories that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life!!
Deb, I know you would have been so proud of your boy…wish you could have been here!!
We headed to Pooh’s Corner and had to pass the big scary white house in order to get there. Milo was so frightened by the noises coming from inside so we crept beneath the bushes and crawled by unnoticed by any human eye. Although I know there were lots of bugs that saw us and many whispers were exchanged wondering what we were doing and where did Milo get his great hat. I heard one tiny high pitched voice whisper, “It has no Mouse ears. He couldn’t have bought it here.”
We passed a huge tall mountain where you could hear magical singing so we stopped to sing a silly song. Milo loves to sing and has a beautiful voice for a bug.
After a long journey down a steep hill we made it to Pooh’s Corner, but there was no Pooh. Milo didn’t notice at all. He was too busy playing with the Bumblephants and eating honey. Milo loves honey!
Milo! That’s not a water slide, its a tipped over jar of honey. What a sticky mess you’ll be!
The sun was setting and it was time to go home so we said good bye to the 
Magic Kingdom and scurried on our way.
Tomorrow Milo’s going to do girl Saturday things and shop for a pretty light fixture. I’m not sure how he feels about that, but he is after all at the whim of his hostess.
Oops…he just heard me and mumbled something about Rooty toot Rhonda Roo ( she’s his next stop on his Grand Adventure). He’s hoping YOU’RE not going to make him do things like shop for girl things…
he is a boy after all!!!
Milo and I will see you all sometime tomorrow and hope you have a wonderful day. Deb, Milo is blowing you kisses from sunny California all the way to sunny Arizona ;-)
He misses you and Alice, but is having

13 comments: said...

THIS IS TOO FAB FOR WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I am screaming, yes I am jumping up and down. Yes I am supposed to be in the shower!! Look at MILO!! You are giving him the trip of a lifetime!!! Oh my gooodnessss!! I LOVE IT!!! xoxo

Deborah said...

I was squealing!!! What a great job you did, Cori! So adorable. LoVe him in the honey! 1st place in sheep herding?? Love the first photo of Milo tugging on the sword and the people passing by, looking at you!?!?! Did you get a lot of looks! Little Milo is having the time of his life. He is so glad he finally came out of the closet!
**blows happy happy kisses** Deb

ellen b. said...

Ahh Cori G! how fortunate that Milo ended up with the Queen of Disneyland! You did a fabulous job of showing him the wonders of the park. Fun times...

FYI the photo of Nanc and me is taken at Lucilles BBQ Restaurant in Brea...

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh that little Milo bug is a brave and daring guy! How photogenic he is. You were a grand hostess with the mostess of this little traveled bug!

Lisa said...

This is the greatest post! I just love it! Thanks for taking us along!
Hugs, Lisa

Robin said...

You are so goofy. Not Goofy. I mean you are goofy, but not Goofy. By the way, did you happen to see Goofy while at you and Milo toured Disney?

Just A Girl said...

Hi Robinski,
No, we didn't see Goofy and Yes! I know I am goofy. It's what's kept me sane all these years...that and other things ;-).

LoVe Me!

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling, have a lovely weekend.

Love, Hugs & Tea
Duchess ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

WOW, Cori, this is great; magical...Milo brings out the best in us, I'm sure...You are so sweet taking Milo to such a wonder(ful) land !
I really hope that when he arrives here up north in Europe the weather will be warm enough for him and for us to have happy times also....
You are a great friend to Deborah and Alice and Milo.

Ces Adorio said...

This is sooo cute. That deborah had a magnificent idea. You obviously are raising the bar for the rest of us. After Disneyland what else is there? I have to climb Mt. Everest to make his week with me interesting!

Deborah said...

Oh Cori, I had to come see Milo's journey again. The pic of him sliding out of the honey jar like a water slide is just so clever and adorable! I think I will have to have a book made of his journey!!!

Comment from PFC Ryan sent to me:

"I've been following milo's adventure. I think its funny as heck what u guys r doing. lol"

Deborah said...

Oh Cori, I had to come see Milo's journey again. The pic of him sliding out of the honey jar like a water slide is just so clever and adorable! I think I will have to have a book made of his journey!!!

Comment from PFC Ryan sent to me:

"I've been following milo's adventure. I think its funny as heck what u guys r doing. lol"

Dee said...

Cori, you are too funny! you must have gotten many strange stares with Milo at Disney.