Monday, January 16, 2012

Some Bunny thinks it’s Spring!

Even though it’s still blustery cold outside!!!!
But then Bunnies are always ready for spring even in the dead of winter.


Last week my friend Nancy and I drove to Riverside to check out the historic Mission Inn…
but this post is not about that.
It’s more about what happened at the end of the day.
Nancy had been wanting a new camera and finally got one for her birthday, so who better to call then her shutterbug crazy friend Cori. Off we went for a day of picture taking, exploring, and just plain ol” fun!
I met Nancy that morning at her mechanic’s in Tustin just across the street from one of my favorite stores…”Whimsy.” have you heard of it? Have you been there? Twice a year, Whimsy hosts one of the most amazing Artisan Fairs filled with, well, amazing artists and their wares. It’s called “GLITTERFEST,” and you guessed it! It’s filled with all kinds of glittery goodness.


(Me thinks this Bunny lady is taunting me with her tiara’s. Do you think she will let me try one on)?

Nancy’s car wasn’t ready by the time we made it back to the mechanic so we decided to venture across the street and visit Whimsy. It’s a wee little store jam packed with all sort of creative wonders and in the back, right out of view of the front door, is my favorite section. I never know what I’m going to find there, but it’s always a delightful surprise. This day was no different!!! 


As I rounded the corner, there she was…all decked out for Spring.
All I could do was stand there and laugh at her ridiculous expression and choice of silly attire. It was almost as if she was yelling at me, “HEY YOU! Yeah you! Come here! I want to show you what I’ve got!! How would you like to buy one of my tiara’s???” Can you hear her too, or is it just me?


Anywho, this spring’s Glitterfest will be held on March 10th and here’s a list of some of the amazing artist who will be selling their wares…
oh! And wouldn’t that be funny if my Bunny lady friend would be there to greet all the guests at the door?? I think it would be most delightful!!