Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finding my way back Home

It was the oddest thing. Strangers kept walking past my yard and asking me if my bunny was loose. “Bunny,” I’d reply, “I don’t own a bunny.” And each time, I’d remember back to the days when I was happily owned by a bun. Early one morning I peered out my living room window and there she was hiding between the arbor and the rose bush. The smallest little furry creature with a white tipped nose.
Each morning I’d meet her on the steps of my cottage with a hand full of peanuts, papaya, or carrots.
You see, I know the way into a bunny’s heart…
I learned their secrets long ago…
they, like me, have a terrible sweet tooth!!
At first she was shy, as all bunnies are, but it wasn’t long before we were the best of friends.
Working in the front yard became a joy again, as I watched her dance across the yard with her little ears flopping to and fro. She was never far from view.
I worried about her little life because of the hawks by day, but failed to remember the big white barn owl that soared by night.
One evening hubby and I went out for a bite to eat and as always she greeted us on the path that leads from our door. When we returned home she was gone.
The next morning I went out to search for her. I looked beneath the roses, behind the hedge, in the neighbors yard, and every other place where a bun would hide. I never found her.
I couldn’t walk out the door without looking, searching, wondering what had happened to my little furry friend. And each time I felt as if a piece of my heart was breaking all over again.
The following Sunday hubby and I decided to attend the evening service. After communion they dimmed the lights and our pastor asked us to spend some quiet time with the Lord. Whatever was on our heart…bring it to Him and lay it at His feet.
All I could think of was the little bun that graced my life for such a short time. I wept quietly in my heart and begged Him to help me to stop searching for her every time I went out my door. And in the quiet I heard Him whisper, “Where have you gone, my little lost lamb? I have been searching for you.”
I realized then that I, like Peter, had decided to follow at a safe distance.
Now I’m finding my way back home.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

If it’s not this, it’ll be something else!!!



I’m sure you’ve all begun to give up on me, but please don’t give up yet.
I’ve had computer issues, wireless issue, Live Writer issues, and just plain old issues in life. But sometimes that how life is, as I’m sure you well know.

Are you a Super Bowl person or are you one of the strange ones, like myself, who could really care less about the game? My hubby wanted desperately to go to someone’s house for the Super Bowl, so when his sister invited us to her place he jumped at the chance.
Me, not being a football person thought, “what am I going to do while they’re all glued to the TV?” What do you think I did? In case you couldn’t guess, I brought along my laptop so I could play with Photoshop. So, before leaving the house I dumped all my pictures from my camera onto my computer.

glitterrose Much to my horror I discovered that I hadn’t downloaded any pictures since the middle of December.


That’s awful especially for a girl who never leaves home without her camera tucked safely in her bag.

glitterrose3 Anyway, these were the pictures that I decided to play with. Sometime way back in December, my friend Nancy and I went to a Craft Fair that was held at Christy Repasy’s home. It was a lovely day and a lovely event with many talented artists.


And it looks like she’ll be having another event in the month of March.

So, where have I been? Well, I’ve been going to school, getting over a month long cough, and trying to get my poor garden back to its normal beautiful self. Which it hasn’t been for quite some time…
due to the fact that I had a job…
which I no longer have…
Still basking in the beauty of knowing I don’t have to go to work.
At least for a few more years.

What’s going on in your life, I would love to know!!

xoxo cori