Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Senior Moment

I've been told that as you age and go through different stages of your life your brain changes and sometimes leaves you altogether. Well I've been wondering about mine lately and most definitely feel as if it's abandoned me for good.
My tale begins with mine and hubby's last vacation. Being the unorganized-organized person that I am I try to start packing a few days before I leave for anywhere. If I'm going to be gone longer then I pack that much sooner, but this time that didn't happen. Hubby and I planned to up before the sun and on the road by 5 am Thursday morning. Wednesday evening rolled around and still no packing had begun. Thursday morning I was up by 4:30, showered, threw a bunch of clothes in the suitcase, packed my overnight bag, and ran out the door. We made our customary stop at 7/11 for hot coffee and chocolate donuts then hit the road. Nine hours later we reached our destination...Bisbee Arizona. We pulled into the parking lot of this cute motel, checked in, and apparently the first thing I must have done was to partially unpack my overnight bag and place my blow dryer in the window sill.


The next morning I woke up, showered, and went to pull my blow dryer out of my overnight bag. But can you guess what I found? NO BLOW DRYER!! But how convenient that the motel had an identical one sitting in the window sill. Two mornings in a row I was ever so thankful for the nice young woman who ran the motel and for the blow dryer that was there for me to use. But each time we drove away and then pulled back into our space, I wondered, "why would an innkeeper not have a shelf or a drawer to store that blow dryer in. It didn't look very appealing sitting in the window and none of the other windows had one. Oh well! Those things happen in life.

I spent the next two days using the hotels blow dryer and upon returning home discovered that I had packed mine and also left it behind. Has this ever happened to you? Please tell me I'm not the only person who has lost their brain, or at least temporarily misplaced it?


ellen b. said...

Oh Cori...can I laugh? Would it be Ok? Now the next person in that room can have the same wonderings as you did...
Have a wonderful day!

Simply Heart And Home said...

That kind of stuff happens to me too. I wonder what the maid thought? :)

Kelly McDermott-Bay said...

You have a wonderful blog site.
Kelly Bookend Diaries

grey like snuffie said...

Welcome to the fun! I still remember walking around my house looking for my cell phone which was at my ear being used as I talked to my mom.

Deborah said...

Hahahahahahahahahhahha! HA! Too funny. Can she mail it to you? Love the way you wrote this. Quite entertaining. **happy smiles** Deb

Bernideen said...

A friend once said, "I feel like I have that disease- what's it called - I can't remember!

I spend every week looking for somethingI have laid down somewhere! I have decided to just go with the flow. I often can't remember someone's name- but the good news is usually later - when it doesn't matter - I remember!

Lynn said...

That is funny is it not? Yup I did something kind of nutty last week. Let me see......oops cannot remember what it was now!

Cori G. said...

Ha ha Bernideen and Lynn, that was funny, sadly it's the condition of my brain theses days.

Cheryl said...

Oh Cori, you made me laugh until I cried! Thank you!!
I have also reached that point!
Every day I wonder "How much longer do I have?" I get up every day at 4am, just to make the day a little longer. Long enough to fit everything in. Never enough "time" every day to get all the things done. I spend tons of "time" trying to organize and simplify my life, hoping to be able to "find" things easily when I am looking for them. Then------the next week----I can't find them!! LOL