Friday, August 19, 2011

Well Good Morning Sunshine!

I awoke this morning with a feeling of anticipation for what the future may bring. If you remember from my last post, today is the day. The last day that hubby will be at his current job. And we are ok with that.


I went about my morning as usual and then I turned on my laptop to find that someone new had visited my blog. I think it’s always so much fun making new friends in the blogging community and here was a possible new friend.

But as I read her comment I realized she didn’t have anything worth reading. No words of encouragement, no words of kindness, just words that tear at your heart because they are rude and insensitive. Insulting my husband, myself, and my GOD!!


I thought how sad that a person who has never visited before would leave such a rude, unkind, thoughtless comment and I became a bit angry, to say the least. But I was reminded that I don’t know anything about this woman or her life story. Heartaches she’s lived through. Disappointments that have marred her dreams. And I realized that I had no right to judge her for her words…no matter how mean they were.

I was also reminded of a book I once read where the author said that two types of people will always come in and out of our lives. There will be those that she called “Balcony People.” People who encourage you and lift you up. People that will always have a kind word and be a joy to be around.


And then there are the “other people.” The “Basement People” as she called them. Those that come into our lives and tear us down, beat us up emotionally, and then tell us we were asking for it and we even deserved it. People that seem to delight in spewing their anger towards those around them.

We have choices in our lives, whether we choose to be a blessing or a curse. Whether we choose to use our tongues (words) to lift people up or to tear them down. My prayer for today is that I would never be a person who chooses to use my tongue, words, or actions to tear down another.

Proverbs 25: 11 A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold In settings of silver.

Proverbs 12: 18 & 19 There is one who speaks like the piercings of a sword, But the tongue of the wise promotes health. The truthful lip shall be established forever, But a lying tongue is but for a moment.


ellen b. said...

Good words Cori G! and great advice. Love that illustration of Balcony people and Basement people. Enjoy the weekend.

pam said...

I am so thankful that our lives are not governed nor controlled by the world and it's thoughts or ways. God just did a HUGE miracle in our lives. We basically have shut the doors on our business after 26 years. SO MUCH story here but to keep employees paid for the last 3 years we have gone through everything and more. God promised us a Joel 2 story...that what He allowed He would restore. Well yesterday we got a city bill for the HOTTEST month on record since the 20's. I sat down to open it, picking a HIGH number so anything lower would surprise me. Do you know what our God did Cori? He actually caused our bill to be LOWER than the month before. CRAZY....He is VERY creative in His provision for us. No matter what the world says He already knows what comes next for you guys. So thankful you know the One who makes a way!
By the way, great post....always good to be reminded of our choices....I CHOOSE LIFE. Although we do all have some dark times in life don't we. Way to extend grace to the potential life sucker. (c:

bj said...

Hi,;s been awhile since I've been by..I am sorry to hear of your hubs job ending. So many times, I have heard the words, When God closes one door, HE opens another. I know HE will provide for you.

I can't even IMAGINE why anyone would leave a bad comment here for you. It is just beyond my understanding. The people that do these things are unhappy with themselves and they want to make everyone else unhappy, too. They are walking too far away from our Heavenly Father...or not at all.
It's hard, but we need to pray from them, too.
Good good luck, Cori girl.
Come by to see me when you can.:))
xo bj

Lady Linda said...

I love your blog and don't post offen but your message inspired me to write to you. How sad that people have to use the internet to be mean. You handled it well. As Christian, we have a bit more pressure to let it go. I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's job. These are difficult times. My sweet young daughter Gina cannot find a job anywhere....she has her masters in creative writing and loves to teach. We are trusting that God will bring something her way, but oh, patience is not easy.
Please be kind to yourself.
Love, Lady Linda

Bernideen said...

Great words of wisdom - we need to be reminded often!

Lynn said...

Hi Cori,
I flutter in and out to visit every so often. Only because there are so many beautiful, uplifting blogs such as this one of yours and I have a lot of passions and blogging is only one of them. Photography is my favorite. So...I just have to say your photos blew me away. So stunning. Since I just hopped over and know nothing about your hubby's job, I just want to say this: You are right when you say it is sad that someone must post nasty, cruel comments. Why? They have to be hurting so much inside. Not a valid reason, but we can go one better and pray for that person. Hand them over to the Lord. Cori, whatever you and your hubby have decided, it is your lives together and no one has any right to judge or comment. Only to love and support your decisions. I now have to go further to see if any updates as I KNOW the Lord does such wonderful things when we open our hands to him. For instance, Jan/Feb of 2011 we were told that my hubby had tumor in his only remaining kidney. He lost the first one to cancer in 1998. He is prone to cysts so and since this was found with a routine ultrasound we asked if it could be a cyst. NO was the answer. Then they took 4 other scans and two specialists came in and several technicians and they all said....6 months to live on dialysis if the tumor had not spread beyond the kidney. Very very dire, but the Lord told me otherwise and as I praised HIM, I KNEW HE was going to do something special. He did, the day of the "biopsy" came and my hubby came back and kept mumbling, "drained the cyst" and after 3 times of telling us the same thing, my daughter went to get the nurse and she read his chart and looked at us like we were nuts...what tumor??? They simply drained a complex cyst and he is fine. PTL!!!! When I started praising the Lord, the poor nurse was not sure why I was crying and laughing at the same time! So I shared HIM with her. So now I am going to see if there are more current posts because I know HE will do delightful things in your lives. Blessings,