Friday, June 15, 2012

Coming up for air



Well, I managed to make it through another semester and am hoping to have only one more to go…hopefully! Last summer I took an online class in “code writing” which I really enjoyed, but I decided to take this summer off and get some projects done around my beloved Brambleberry Cottage. The effect time and neglect have had on our weence little dwelling is staggering. Where does one even begin? I decided to start with the living room. I have been in the mood for a bright springy color after staring at brown walls for the past 15 years. And yes! I did say “15.” I looked around one day and realized I was living in a time capsule…nothing had changed in 15 years. No furniture rearranging, no fresh new fabrics, no change at all. Quite disturbing for a girl who thrives on change.


So I painted the rooms green.  This past week I finished the living room and entry and now I’m replacing the baseboards with help from my dear hubby. He gets to do all the measuring and cutting while I paint.
You can see to the left of the door the new moldings, which are very exciting in my way of thinking. I just love progress, don’t you? Even if it’s a bit slower than I’d like, but much depends on my hubby who has to work all day then come home to the wife who’s head is bubbling over with ideas, which in turn means more work for him. OH! See that front door? I’d Love for him to cut it in half and transform it into a Dutch door. Seems simple enough, right? Right! I might even paint the inside of it pink. I’m definitely painting the outside of it pink! Pink doors make me extraordinarily happy.


Now here’s something that I’ve wanted to do for many many many years. Paint this old filthy fireplace white. Don’t get me wrong, I find the old brick to be very charming, however it’s also dark and dingy at the same time. While it worked well with the brown walls it seems perfectly out of place with the fresh spring green.


So, armed with a can of paint and a brush…viola! It is now white. Well, at this stage it’s only primed and there’s still more to come.

284923113895734214_1R35KOa8_c About 10 years ago I bought these gorgeous tiles from Dard Hunter’s grandson while at a local Craftsman Faire. I had always planned to design a surround for the fireplace, but never got around to it, so, this is the year and I’m very excited about this as well. I wish you could see the colors in real life because the picture just doesn’t do them justice. They’re very vibrant and glossy looking. Beautiful to my eye.
Of course the existing mantle will be removed and replaced with a new one that will be fully integrated into the surround. Plus it will be removable just in case we move one day, which I’m sure will never happen, but just in case “-).

I also bought 15 yards of fabric from Calico Corners to make new drapes. They’re having a 20% off sale so the timing was perfect! I’m still waiting for it to arrive via post. It has a very English feel with its creamy yellow background and pink roses scattered among apple blossoms. The shades are all soft and muted tones. “Lovely,” says I.



Then once all that is done I’ll be able to start re-arranging all the lovely little vignettes scattered about Brambleberry cottage. So much fun!

Do you have any fun plans for this summer?


Deborah said...

Oh Cori, I LOVE!!! The new color goes so well with all of your antique furnishings. Pink door...YES! Paint does wonders. I know what you mean about things going s l o w. So perhaps it is not just my own personal situation, but life in general.

I look at the faux walls in our living room and sometimes think it would look larger if they were lighter, but then again, I've never had anything like the faus, so Brawny Man and I still enjoy it.

Love love LOVE the new mood for your wee cottage. **happy smiles** Deb

Cori G. said...

Darlingest of Debaloos,thank you "-).I love it too. Its so cheery and cool and I must say that it does make my old wood glow. Faux sometimes can do that...make a room look smaller, but it also makes a room look more complete "-).
Love from me to you <3

ellen b. said...

Oh my girl! You are off and running full speed ahead with your projects! Love the new colors and the baseboard is very cool. That fireplace does go better with your color in white. Welcome to your summer. I have some projects in Canada this summer and other then that I'm relaxing...

ellen b. said...

Oh my girl! You are off and running full speed ahead with your projects! Love the new colors and the baseboard is very cool. That fireplace does go better with your color in white. Welcome to your summer. I have some projects in Canada this summer and other then that I'm relaxing...

kerrie of sea cottage said...

Oh my goodness it sure does fit a cottage by the name of Brambleberry! I definetly could see your front door pink and cut in half to become a dutch door! Glad you are taking a summer break. I do miss your blog posts. and your sweet puppies. My poor little Bella Bleu's teeth are getting bad, but we can't afford to take her to the Vet. Do your puppies have teeth problems?

Cori G. said...

Hello Kerrie! So sweet of you to pop over this morning. I'm sorry to hear about Bella's teeth. Have you tried brushing them to keep the tartar down? Elmo doesn't mind having his teeth brushed which is good because if anyone has teeth problems it will be him. Coco chews on everything so we don't worry about hers. Have you checked in your area to see if anyone does anesthesia free cleanings? We have someone here who does it for $120. It's a bit expensive, but less then having to have their teeth pulled. One of my Aunt's dogs has had a few pulled and it's cost about $1,000. Very scary. I hope all is well with you...
xoxo cori

Bernideen said...

I love what you have done and especially the fireplace!

Cori G. said...

Thanks Bernideen,
we're just getting started with that, but I'll post as we go. How have you been? I need to stop in and say Hello "-).

Robin said...

Ah. Now I see the white brick. It is beautiful. I am excited to see the whole effect. Happy creating! Love you Sister!