Friday, September 21, 2012

Flying High over the sky’s of Southern California



If you’ve been watching the news you probably know that today was the day when the Space shutter Endeavor made her last flight.
Hubby called, from work, to remind me that she would be doing a fly-by over the magic kingdom, but sadly I forgot, until I pulled onto Magic Way and landed in the middle of a traffic jam. I couldn’t get to Down Town Disney for anything and then it dawned on me. “Oh yeah, today is the day that the space shuttle was doing her fly-by.


People were pulling into the huge Disney parking structure to watch from the roof top. Me? I pulled around the corner into a parking lot of a near-by hotel. There sat a woman on the tail gate of her truck and a man in a lawn chair with a cooler. I asked if they were there to watch the shuttle. “Yep.” They had the same thing in mind. The woman told me to pull up a seat next to her so I did and the three of us talked for about an hour.
The sun was blazing hot and people were starting to leave just as we heard the turbine engines of the 747 that carried her to her final destination.
Was it an exciting moment in the life of this 50 year old woman? You bet it was!!!

Did you get to see her final flight and where were you when she flew by?


ellen b. said...

Very cool. It's been fun watching all the photos posting on Facebook from San Francisco South...
See you on Sunday and yes you do have the prove you are not a robot in the comments...

Deborah said...

Oh Cori, what fantastic shots!!! I wish I had been there with you and your new friends! Like you, I make friends every where I go. MeowMeow is sitting right in front of the monitor as I she my proof reader??? **kisskiss** Deb

pam said...

That is so cool. You guys are so lucky to live where it was coming back down to earth. I doubt here in the middle of the country it would have looked like anything more than another contrail. SO COOL. I am loving the pictures that people are sharing. SO COOL!

Sara said...

Hi Cori, I just found you again over on Ellen's blog and came to visit. Yes, my husband and I saw it, but way off in the distance, as we were driving north on the 605 just below the 91. I got a photo, nothing like yours, and posted it. It was rather thrilling!

So glad to have found you again.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crow, you got some awesome shots! I'm so jelly. :( I live in the wrong part of Florida for flyover opportunities - but hey, my son wants to go to college to become an astrophysicist so i figure I'll have cart blanche NASA time soon :)

Good to see you Cori Woo xoxox said...


It's Christmas already, can you believe it?? And you are on my mind!!!

Happiest merriest of times!! Loooove your friendling, Vanessa