Thursday, August 8, 2013

It all began here…

In the old abandoned rose garden


Where once there were nine beautiful rose bushes…growing…thriving…producing gorgeous, fragrant, flowers. And then the weeds set in…they took over. Hubby and I would go round and round about the weeds and what to do with them. He is an avid fan of Round Up, while I prefer to pull the infernal things out by their roots. So, the debate began about what to do with the area in question.


A certain someone (that would be me) came up with the idea of ripping the entire garden out…posts and pickets included…and adding a sleeping porch to the side of the garage. I’ve always loved the idea of having somewhere to escape, from our hot summers, and a sleeping porch seemed the perfect solution. So we ripped out the roses and another year went by.

This year…2013…we decided to host Easter at Brambleberry Cottage and as I looked at the view from my kitchen window I was faced with a 16’x8’ pile of dirt…filled with weeds…still no sleeping porch…”but what about an Arbor covered in grapevines,” I thought to myself? That seemed like a perfect solution…so we began to dream and plan and build.


By Easter we had the posts and cross beams up as well as a pea gravel floor beneath, but no paint and I debated as to whether I wanted to paint at all. What about just leaving the wood as it was. But I, being a girl who LOVES COLOR was not about to paint it white!!! I am so OVER WHITE!!! Now don’t get me wrong because I do enjoy all the varying shades that white has to offer, as long as they’re mixed with texture, texture, texture! But white by itself with just white…no thank you!
God has created so many gorgeous hues, shades, and tints in nature, as well as giving us red and green cones to view all the colors of a rainbow. So why would we want to limit our eyes to just whites?


Well, I can see that I’ve gone off on a little rabbit trail and need to find my way back to what I was thinking. Oh yes! The arbor and color. As you can see I decided to go with green. It’s a lovely shade that my images don’t quite reflect, but I would have to say it’s close to leaf green.


Then I decided to add a back wall to my arbor.
1. To block the view of the ugly cypress trees from my kitchen window, and
2. To add a back drop for the iron bed I bought for the sleeping porch.
The question again…to paint or not to paint? I decided to leave the back natural because I loved the varying knots and grain of the shiplap. The lattice was salvaged from our old garden fence that had fallen to pieces and was hiding behind the garage. Plus, it  just happened to be the perfect size.


Oh! I see another rabbit trail…shall we follow it for a moment? Why yes, I think we shall…
when I went out my front door yesterday morning, to pick these roses, I walked right through a giant spider web. It would seem that this spider has taken up residence in my wisteria because this morning he was there again. Right in the middle of the arched vines. Luckily hubby saw him before he stepped off the porch.


Sometimes, in the cool of the morning, I like to come back here and play my harp. Did you know I had taken up playing the harp? It is the chosen instrument of Angels, Elves, and Faeries so why would I not want to learn how to play it?
I’ve heard it said that the harp is the easiest instrument to pick up and play, but the hardest instrument to master. Me thinks that’s an understatement! Try learning to play the harp, read music, and get your fingering straight all at the same time. It is really difficult…especially when you try to play with your toes…she giggles to herself.

Do you have an instrument you play?


I’ve been staring at this piece for months. It’s a beautiful arrangement by Loreena McKennitt called Bonny Portmore and a difficult piece to learn when you have the tune in your head but not necessarily the notes. But I will learn this piece if it takes me a year…or two…or three.


There is still so much work left to do back here, so until it gets done, I’ll continue to dream and plan and create.


Marilyn said...

I would like a harp like this! I tried to take lessons while I was in college, but that practice room was so small I couldn't finish the quarter. Maybe now is my time to learn. Beautiful space you have created!♥♫

Cori Gagnier said...

Hi Marilyn,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. It was very sweet of you.
This little harp of mine is a 19 string Pixie. I have a larger 34 string harp by Dusty Strings which is much easier to play and has a voice that is so much richer. You should take it up again. It is so much fun!

Xoxo cori

Bernideen said...

It all looks very wonderful to me!

Robin said...

Beautiful pictures Cori! Keep having fun.

Robin said...

(So I will do it again...) Beautiful pictures, Cori! Keep having fun. Much love to you.

Cori Gagnier said...

Thanks Robin and Bernideen. I still have lots of decorating to do "-)

ellen b. said...

You have created such a wonderful spot to enjoy! Love all your choices! You'll have to you tube that harp piece once you perfect it!

Deborah said...

Oh lovelovelove LOVE!!! Everything! Especially your toes! What a beautiful retreat you and your Mister have created. DeLovely.

Deb ♥

Cori Gagnier said...

Thank you Darling Deb...we're still a long way from being done <3

Cori Gagnier said...

HA Ellen B! I think that piece will take me a very long time to learn but in case your curious about the piece here's a link

Not sure if it'll work but its worth a try "-)

A Magical Whimsy said...

Your porch is beautiful! Absolutely divine! It must be a lovely retreat to dream away in. I love the colors your chose. I am not a fan of white, I like color in my world. My hubby on the other hand still likes the whites and browns of the 70's. I have always wanted a hot pink kitchen with black tile and accents...but probably in my life!
Teresa in California

Cori Gagnier said...

Hi Teresa,
I'm with you on the color and hot pink kitchen. Luckily I'm married to a color blind man so I can paint things any color I want...isn't that terrible of me?

Sara said...

Hi Cori, I love your sleeping porch and particularly the color green, my favorite! Kudos to you for taking up the harp . . . although I am married to a musician who plays the piano, I don't know a note myself and can't play any instrument. Love to listen however!

Cori Gagnier said...

Hi Sara,
I think you should take up the harp :-). I'm having to learn how to read music and it's not as hard as I thought it would be, plus, all piano music is the same as harp music. It sounds like you've got a good head start.

Cori said...

Your garden is a pure dream, and this new little space, oh my!!!!!