Monday, March 24, 2008

Graced by her beauty

At the beginning of every spring I wait for the day when my beloved Wisteria stirs from her winter slumber.
There are two vines that are intertwined in one plot of soil. One purple and the other white. Last year the white bloomed first, but this year it was the purple and her blossoms are beautiful! They seem to grow longer with each passing season and the scent is everywhere.
As I was inspecting my garden this evening I noticed several large fuzzy Bumble Bees. You know the bright yellow ones with the furry pantaloons?
They were buzzing around my head like little kamikaze pilots dropping their pollen bombs everywhere they flew.
The earth truly does rejoice in spring.

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Pat said...

Thanks for your kind comment, Cori. Pepper was such a sweet cat and we'll miss him.

Your wisteria looks so beautiful and I can almost smell its fragrance! Glad to hear that bumble bees are coming back too.

Hugs, Pat