Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Yesterday afternoon my husband and I started our spring cleaning in the yard. We are so late! There are about 30 rose bushes, several wisteria vines, tons of nasturtiums, and holly hock growing in every crack of the concrete. What a mess! There is so much to be done and never enough time so we try to work a little each day.

It's tough living in Southern California without an automated sprinkler system because everything suffers. The weeds never seem to mind and the puppies could care less what the yard looks like as long as there's a yard to run and play in.

Those two little white balls of fluff are my children. Coco Noel is on the left and Elmo Teasdale is on the right. They love to lay on the Adirondacks in the shade, when there is shade. The three of us are still waiting for the wisteria to bloom.
Oh! The handsome guy with the bucket...that's my husband. I had to get his permission to post his picture on my blog. He's so silly!

1 comment:

Pat said...

I love your nasturtiums!

Cute husband and little CoCo and Elmo are cute too!

Spring has yet to arrive in NY so I'm jealous. :-)