Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yesterday, Tea was served at Bramble Berry Cottage and I have never been so unprepared! In the past I've always made a list of tasks that needed to be completed before "Tea Day." This time was no different but, for some reason nothing got done as planned. So the morning of my tea I was scrambling to get everything made. I had prepared the Sponge Cake the night before so the only thing left to do for that was make the whipping cream and assemble the cake. I had no sandwiches made and none of the spreads prepared, I completely forgot to buy the White Chocolate for dipping Strawberries and I'm extremely picky about my chocolate so I couldn't just send my husband off to buy it at a nearby store. I forgot to cook the bacon for the salad, and didn't think to pick the soup up from Trader Joe's when I was at work. I work right next door and live 20 minutes away. I do not even know where my head was that morning. All I knew was that these two ladies had never been to my Crumbling Cottage before and yard work needed to be done, the screen porch needed to be repaired (thrown away is more like it)! And a million other little details that needed to be accomplished. By the time they arrived 20 minutes late (Thank you Lord) I at least had the table set and my hands stuck in a bowl of gooey dough (scones). To my utter horror, when I went to cut the scones into wedges I found a piece of my hair. What is a girl to do when she has ladies from church over and the scones have grown hair? Well, I decided to tell them instead of letting them possibly find the hair on their own. They both laughed and said they'd eat the scones anyway. Even though there was no soup, no salad, no strawberries dipped in chocolate, or any chocolate whipping cream to dip the strawberries into we had an absolutely wonderful time. Next time I'll start my preparations two weeks in advance.


Pat said...

The tea was probably wonderful --sometime we are our own worse critics! Now you know you can be flexible in your preperations and it will still turn out well.

I always have trouble with hair falling into baking too. I can see why hair nets are required in bakeries. I always tease that there is "no extra charge" for it! :-)

I'm glad that you are enjoying my blog posts about the trip I made recently to lower Manhattan. There is so much wonderful history there to learn about. I've enjoyed researching it.

Hugs, Pat

Tara said...

hee-hee! Cute post!