Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm dreaming of a PiNK CHRIStmaS!

My hubby and I were in Jacksonville Oregon last weekend and while window shopping I saw this darling shop and stepped inside. What to my wandering eyes did appear but a tree all in Pink that beckoned "draw near." My brain must have been on auto-pilot because my first thought was, "PINK SATURDAY! I'LL HAVE SOMETHING TO POST FOR PINK SATURDAY! Without hesitation I reached inside my purse to pull out my camera and started snapping away. Within a minute a nice woman walked over and offered me a piece of fudge then politely asked me not to take any more pictures.

Oops! In my pink delirium I had lost my manners and forgot to ask permission to take the photos. Was I ever embarrassed! I felt like a little girl who had just been caught stealing a piece of Bazooka Bubblegum and told to put it back on the shelf. I decided I had two options:
1. leave the store with my tail between my legs or,
2. apologize to the store owner.

My first thought was to quietly sneak out the door, but since I was standing there starstruck by these darling pink glittery stars I decided I better humble myself and beg for mercy.

I could tell it was an awkward moment for both of us as I put my treasures on the counter so I simply told her that I was sorry and explained about Pink Saturday. "What's Pink Saturday" she asked so I explained that there are about 100 women who post something pink every Saturday morning and then make our rounds to get our pink fix. She had never heard of anything like this and had just discovered blogging herself.
I decided that since I'd gone this far in the conversation I had better ask if it would be alright to post the pictures I had in my camera. I was relieved when she said yes.

She then went on to tell me that a woman had been in about a month earlier taking pictures and she had thought nothing of it until she opened a local publication and saw a picture of one of her displays on another stores advertisement. YIKES! Can you believe the boldness of someone to do something like that? Anyway, I left the shop feeling less guilty and even went back later to buy more pink glittery stars. Did I buy one of the cute PINK HOUSES? NO! Dumb...I know, but I walked away with a lot of cute ideas and a new sensitivity to those who own sweet little shops. Would I go back there again? In a heart beat!

For more pinkness please visit Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound. She's got a whole list of pink.


Becky said...

In this economy it is free advertisement. I hope your store owner will take the time to look and see your beautiful post. From that beatiful picture I would ask you where the shop was and definately take my friends if I didn't live in FL. As a previous shopkeeper it would definately be a privledge to be on your pretty blog site.
PS...I love to read about your adventures. We are definately kindred spirits as I would love to go to every shop you have ever shown on your blog.

ellen b. said...

So glad you got it all worked out with the store owner and found out why she was concerned about you taking photos :0)
They really are sweet displays of pink. Have a wonderful cold Saturday :0)

ellen b. said...

Camarillo house is open for tours with limited hours on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays every week unless some event is happening. :0)

Marye said...

Cori..I often use the local shops for images that I need. I always ask permission, let them know what I am doing and that I will lnk to their website and put up the shop address. Good for them and for me!
They are lovely images...and I am glad it all got worked out!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

What a pretty pink post! I never understood why a store would not let someone take photos of their merchandise because...after was free advertising but now I completely understand. And someone may just want to take a photo of it just to copy it. Thanks for explaining all that. I hope that the store owner will join Beverly and us for Pink Saturday. :)

fairmaiden said...

I'm tickled pink! This shop is the cutest. I'm glad you decided to explain why you we're taking the pictures. I have learned to do that, and I always share my blog address with them so they can go see that I am not lying. Thank you for sharing more beauties from Oregon with us.

Joy said...

The nerve of someone to photograph a display that someone else did and use it to their own advantage without assigning credit to the image! Glad it all turned out for you, though, and I'm sure the owner will love seeing this post. :o)

Beverly said...

Oh, thank goodness she now knows about Pink Saturday - because she is clearly a lover of pink.

What a wonderful store. The owner was so nice to let you share with us.

Happy Pink Saturday, dear Cori.

Sondra Behne' said...

The photos are beautiful for sure. Thanks for sharing them with us for if you hadnt taken them.... there would be a lot less people that would be enjoying them.