Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Magnolia Inn

This was our room...Room 9.

By the end of our stay at the Magnolia Inn both hubby and I agreed that this is the best Bed & Breakfast we've stayed in. It's always been a dream of mine to own a B&B and I've gone over every detail in my mind of how it would be. All the way down to the colors, decor, room themes, and names. This romantic Inn had it all. Nothing was missing from my list.
We had a gorgeous view of the little church next door and the largest bathroom in the Inn. There was a small TV and movies available as well as free wireless Internet.
And the room was very cozy and romantic.

Outside our room was a kitchen for the guests that had everything from Microwavable popcorn to tea, coffee, fruit, and a fridge for storing left-overs. There was even a dishwasher. The French doors led from the kitchen to the veranda where I endured the cold to enjoy my breakfast outdoors in the crisp morning air.

A view of the veranda. There was an upper and a lower one for the guests to enjoy.

The entire Inn was decorated for the Christmas season in beautiful golds,
greens, and neutral accessories.

The guest kitchen with it's darling decor was a mix of new and old pieces.

The small front parlor was so inviting with it's large Christmas Tree and soothing color palette. I could have spent all afternoon sitting there sipping cocoa and reading magazines, but there was too much to do and see in town so I just walked by and sighed...aah!

Hubby standing in front of the Inn doors. What would I say the architecture was? I don't think there was any history on the house, but it looked as if it were a 20's style that had been added on to. What ever the architecture was, it was enchanting.

The exterior of the Inn. What a wonderful place to visit.
Next time we'll take a tour of the Historic Cemetery. I'm not sure why, but sweet hubby and I always love visiting the old cemeteries. Until then...


grey like snuffie said...

Beautiful. When my husband and I travel we always stay in B&B's. Cemetery wanderings are so cool. We start wondering about the people's lives with the really old ones.

Beverly said...

Oh, Cori. It is exquisite. I love the inn, the town, the drive there, and we would love the cemetery, too.

We do our family genealogy, and we have "strolled" many a cemetery.

I'm glad you had such a wonderful getaway.

Jan and Tom's Place said...

What a beautiful Inn! You and I should compare "notes" on our B&B's!!! The Mansion a couple of weeks ago...was the 1st one Tom and I seriously checked out for our B&B (still a dream)...the DeVilbiss House.

I checked out the Magnolia B&B's website and they "had" me until I saw PET FRIENDLY. Unfortunately, due to my allergies, I can't stay in MOST, if not all of those.


Moorea said...

Lovely! There is nothing like a good B & B. It is all the details make the experience so fun.
Funny, my husband is the one planning (dreaming/hoping) we can go back to The Cobblestone Inn, where we honeymooned,in Monterrey for our 20th Anniversary in a few years.

ellen b. said...

Looks like you made a fabulous choice. I'm glad the Inn was so lovely. The veranda is wonderful! Love all the decor too! Great photos Cori!! I'm back in Camarillo now...

Grandma Faith said...

What a beautiful place to stay. I can see why you had such a good time.

fairmaiden said...

Oooh la la it is a dreamy heavenly place where you went. I loved every photo you shared. How wonderful! At first I thought you went to Jackson, Ca. It is an old cute fully decorated Old-fashioned Christmas town too. Looks so much like where you went. And it's only 40 mins from me. We live in Elk Grove, Ca...a small town turned city. We live in the outskirts with the good ol' folk near all the homes on land and farms that people count as precious and are trying to preserve. As well, as near the historical Old Towne. You we're very near me! The area you passed by I believe was our beloved downtown Sacramento. The Westfield sign leads to the downtown outdoor mall. My favorite mall. I'm not an indoor mall girl. I like to be outside. And this one is walking distance from the Capitol park that hubby and I love to stroll any chance that we get. You would have liked driving through and viewing the Capitol all decorated for Christmas. The fabulous 40's are also nearby fully decorated...every home for about 4 blocks. Lovely. Well, I'm off to see the Capitol tree lighting ceremony!