Friday, December 4, 2009



I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve explored the local antiques stores, but with Christmas just around the corner I thought It would be fun to go looking for some Christmas inspiration...antique style. My first stop is always Country Roads Antiques in the city of Orange where so many of the vendors have created the dreamiest spaces. I love the way this old table cloth has been draped across the faux window.


I loved this little corner that was decorated with a small tree and vintage fotos hanging from sweet pink ribbons as ornaments. I tried to take a picture for you, but the tree was against a huge picture window with the sun light streaming through...all I could get was a huge white blur.


I met up with this lovely lady and she reminded me of Vanessa’s Miss Hall-Borchert. As I gazed upon her standing there alone I thought to myself, “she and Miss Hall-B. would be the best of friends. No one should be left alone and friendless as this one was...especially during the Holidays.


I don’t know why, but I loved this little vignette behind the chicken wire…oops! I think these days it’s commonly called, “poultry confinement material.” What a strange world we live in, do you agree? Yes, I thought you would!


I found these rose covered plates that I’ve been searching for forever and a day, but decided to pass them up until hubby called. It seems I’ve been making a lot of “unauthorized purchases” of late. Of course he would never so no to anything I wanted to buy, although there was that time in Petaluma when I fell in love with an ebonized Victorian piano stool inlaid with mother of pearl and he said “absolutely not!” I dearly love to tease him about that one ;-).


I was planning to make gingerbread cookies today and finish my Christmas decorating. I’m so far behind. But, I’ve been trying to ignore a head cold for the past week that has finally gotten the better of me. So who knows…

I may just sit here curled up on the couch all day sipping spiced cider and looking through my old Victoria magazines for old inspirations made new.

I hope you all have a lovely Friday where ever you are.


ellen b. said...

What lovely inspirations you found. I've learned to walk away more and more...except for those goblets last week...
Hope you are feeling better soon!

Deborah said...

Oh SO sorry about your head cold! Those are the worst. Absolutely miserable...need to sleep and you can't because you can't breathe. AKH! Curl up on the couch with your cider...maybe all a little wine spritzer to it, and look through those magazines till you finally fall asleep. Tomorrow will be a productive day. **blows peppermint kisses** Deb

Cori G. said...

Thanks my lovely ladies! I'm trying to take it easy, but the decorating bug has bit and I need to get it done ;-). No wine for me Darling Deb, but you can have my spritz...I'm severely allergic. It gives me an instant headache.
Have a wonderful day!!!

xoxo Cori

Simply Heart And Home said...

Simply lovely! I would love to spend hours just looking at everything in a store like that.

Do you have a favorite gingerbread recipe? Would you mind sharing it? Thank you


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Cori!

I mailed your teapot today Priority Mail, so hopefully you will receive it early next week! Enjoy it!

Have a good weekend! I'm off to see my grandson :-)

Hugs, Pat

Cori G. said...

Hi Gina, I do have a favorite recipe, but I'll have to dig it out of one of my recipe boxes. I think it's an old swedish recipe that I may have found in one of my old Victoria magazines...when I find it, I'll post it ;-).

xoxo Cori

Andrea said...

Cori, all is beautiful!!! And your dining room is stunning - so rich and warm. I would love to sit and have tea there.

Hope you soon feel better.



fairmaiden said...

So much inspiration! Now did you get those rose dishes or not? I wasn't quite sure by how you worded it. Is the last pic of your dining room? It is lovely. I just finished decorating too. And haven't got to baking yet. Haven't felt well myself this week, so been taking it easy. Hope you feel better soon. Old Victoria's will do just the trick, with a cup of tea, I think! xo Fairmaiden's the sulfites in the wine that will give you a headache. I can not have sulfites either.

Cori G. said...

Hi Fairmaiden,
I did buy the plates and that's them stacked in my lovely cupboard sweet Hubby built for me and yes, that's my little dining room/kitchen. It's one large space separated by the island that sweet hubby built for me...sweet hubby builds many many wonderful things for me, tee hee!
Yesterday I slept the entire day away and didn't finish my decorating or start my baking. Today will probably be much the same.
I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well either and hope you are feeling better very soon.
xoxo Gypsy Rose