Thursday, December 10, 2009

It’s a Fanciful Day in the Neighborhood...


As many of you know, today is our Beloved Fanciful friend, Vanessa’s Birthday, and we are here to celebrate and honor you, delightful lady, with our thoughts and words.

My story begins with those silly little striped socks and pointy shoes that kept popping up all over Bloglandia…that was little over a year ago. Every time I’d click on a blog there they were bouncing up and down…Boing! Boing! Boing! Beckoning me to follow them. One day curiosity whispered in my ear, “follow the striped socks through the secret keyhole.” So I did and found myself in the middle of the most enchanted world filled with elfin creatures, polka-dot mushrooms, and the most magical Gypsy Garden. It was like falling into a dream that you never wanted to wake from.

Beloved Fanciful One, you have been such a source of inspiration in my life as well as many others. Living in my ever practical world I had forgotten how to dream or that I loved to dream and that it’s OK to dream. You reminded me to be creative and be silly and  love the small things in life. Tumbling into your delightful realm was like finding a long lost childhood friend who I had been missing for years. You my friend are such a delightful part of my life and I thank you ever so much for being my friend. And I wish you the bestest, bestest birthday ever.

HAPPY 34th Vanessa!!

I love you!!! 

Oh! And please! please! forgive me for stealing your image without permission ;O! It was Darling Deb’s idea…tee hee!!!


Deborah said...

Oh Cori, that was so lovely and so true. Vanessa is just like a childhood friend...and when we get together with her, we are those carefree children again. But Cori, blaming me for the copyright infrigement!!! Oh really! teehee!
**kisskiss** Deb said...

OH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

At first I thought I would be composed after reading your words, but between your words and the beautiful music, well, I have a large puddle of salty waves surrounding my chair.

I feel so blessed, that we are able to share our worlds, through this virtual medium. Just think, without it, we would have never encountered one anothers friendship.

This is a sacred place, where we are free to be our true selves. I am utterly speechless, that I am able to be me, and that I am embraced as such. Wackyness and all ;)

All my love to you Miss Cori, thank you for being ever so wonderful, and one day, I will meet you for a "happy meal," somewhere between disneyland, the Brambleberry cottage and the secret keyhole.

Much love, thank you over the moon. Truly.


icandy... said...

Very, very sweet! You all make life such a beautiful celebration!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

So lovely a tribute! She scatters joy! Blessings.