Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A fair weathered friend

Last weekend my friend passed from this life into eternity.
She had been sick far longer then the seven years we had been friends.
Her life had been woven with sorrowful tales and heartache mingled with many "I can't-s" strung along the path.
I became her personal cheerleader...the one running along side her...encouraging her at every turn...always telling her, "you can.! I know you can!" At some point, I don't know when, I decided to carry her burdens for her instead of allowing Jesus to do it...that is after all why He died. To save us from ourselves and an eternity of separation from Him and the Father. But I thought I could handle this one...help Him out a little...was I ever wrong!

Under the weight of her burdens I stumbled and fell and like a defiant child I simply said, "I can't!" "I can't do this any longer...I can't carry your heartaches or fears...I can't." While I sat there, on the side lines, licking my wounds, I watched as others came along side her, gathered her heartaches, helped her to walk, and brought it all to Jesus for they knew they couldn't carry them for her. They prayed with her and cared for her and in the end helped her cross the finish line...while I sat there on the side lines...her fair weathered friend.