Thursday, September 8, 2011

9 months later


As you know from my last post, I tripped and fell the other day right in front of two of my favorite people…Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.
But what I didn’t tell you is that I fell on my left shoulder…or did I?


You may be wondering, "what's up with her shoulder?" Well, I'll tell you.  It all started 9 months ago, December 2010, when Hubby decided to buy me a new PINK mountain bike for my 49th Birthday.

Yep! That’s Hubby with his bald head Winking smile. We shaved it after I made a mess of his haircut.

And here’s my PINK bike that sent me to months of physical therapy. How did this happen? On a short little bike ride through the Fullerton Loop, a well known mountain bike trail in our neck of the woods. In fact, I think it’s the only mountain bike trail in our neck of the woods.
Anywho we were out riding one beautiful Saturday morning and rode past a house that looked like something out of a dream. Me being the curious sort decided that I needed to take a closer look. So I rode my new PINK bike up the narrow precarious hill. Did I mention that my new bike is PINK? Cotton Candy PINK to be exact.


Back to the hill. Within seconds I was at the top of said hill, however, being the short sort that I am, I wasn’t able to get a good enough glimpse into the backyard. And yes, I do peek in peoples backyards and on rare occasions I even try to peek in windows…to see furnishings and wall treatments and architectural details…not the people.


Hubby was below the hill telling me I shouldn’t be peeking in peoples yards, while I was standing tip-toed over my bike and balancing against the fence. The next thing I knew I lost my balance and started toppling to the right. Trying to keep myself from going over the precarious little hill I quickly jumped to the left while grabbing my bars. I came up right, but in that moment I felt the strangest sensation in my shoulder.


It was as if the muscles in my upper arm stretched an inch and a half. It didn’t hurt, but at the same time it didn’t feel right.
I didn’t notice anything at first but as we continued down the trail  there was a huge tree stump followed by a dip. It was then that I noticed my shoulder and arm refused to do what my brain told them to. It just hung there limp, barely able to grip my handle bar and it was a bit scary to see my arm in that condition. Not wanting to alarm my Hubby I decided to tell him that I thought we'd gone far enough for the day and I was ready to head back home.


For several months I ignored the pain, thinking it would go away, until one day Hubby bumped my shoulder which sent searing pain through my entire back.
Off to physical therapy I went.

My shoulder is better in some ways and the same in others. I still can’t stand “Peter Pan” style with my hand on my hip and my arm refuses to go above what I like to call “10 o’clock.” So this is the shoulder I fell on the other day and I’m feeling the pain today. My Dr. was afraid I’d re-injure it on my bike, but leave it to me. I can hurt myself anywhere…HA!
Oh! none of these pictures were taken with my new camera Winking smile.


pam said...

Oh my the drama of it all! Body parts should just learn to roll with us shouldn't they? (c: Praying God knits all things back together as He created them to be....strengthened and whole...all pain be gone, in Jesus name, AMEN

kerrie of sea cottage said...

So this is what I have to look forward to when I turn 49! This aging thing is not too fun is it. When we fall we get hurt...bad! I want to be a kid again. So I can run and climb fences and twirl and swing without getting dizzy. You poor girl. At least you didn't break it or need surgery. But it most likely will never be the same. Does it hurt to use the computer? My shoulder has been giving me lots of pain from computer use...and swimming laps every day. I injured it 11 yrs ago and it has never been the same. :( woe is me. hugs to you dear friend.

bj said...

O so sorry about your shoulder but if I had to hurt mine, I would want to do it on a pretty pink bike. :))
Feel better soon.
xo bj

ellen b. said...

Oh dear. I'm so sorry about all the injuries to your shoulder. Praying you will get relief and healing soon...
Love the photos of the garden with your guy sitting in it!!

Cori G. said...

Hi Ladies,
Thanks for all the well wishes for my shoulder. I think most of the pain is gone, thanks to my beloved jar of Tiger Balm. That stuff is like a miracle ointment ;-).

Yes Kerrie, this is what you have to look forward to and it was my desire to behave like a child again that landed me in this fix in the first place. I'm sorry to hear about your arm too. Have you tried Tiger Balm? you can find it at just about any health food/vitamin store.

Pam, thanks for the prayer ;-). I'm finding the older I get the worse the body becomes...not fun!

Ellen B, thanks! Hubby looks cute with his puppy in his lap, doesn't he? She's the bad one and belongs to him while the good one belongs to me ;-).

Hi BJ, I highly recommend this cute little pink bike, even if it does cause pain. Actually it's the most comfortable bike I've ever owned and if you like just toodling about it's great for that too ;-).