Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Vintage Marketplace

Have you heard of the Vintage Marketplace? It’s held once every three months in a small town called Rainbow somewhere in between Temecula and Escondido, and is hosted by two very talented women, Christie Repasy and Rita Reade. 
This is my sweet friend, Janet, who decided to join me at the last minute. Just as we were getting ready to leave the blue sky disappeared while thunder clouds started rolling & rumbling followed by lightning bolts. It was kind of fun and exciting in a strange sort of way.
My hubby was on his Saturday morning bike ride, with some buddies from church, when it started pouring down rain. So they hid under an overpass for 20 minutes until it stopped. When they finally reached Seal Beach they were pelted by hail. Weird weather we’re having.
Sorry for my little bunny trail…now,
 back to the market place.
 The very first thing I saw, as we rounded the first row of booths, was this old pair of Tony Lama boots…chocolate brown with wing tips and buck stitching. It was like seeing a dear friend for the first time in 30 years. How I LONGED to wrap my arms around them and twirl and dance like I did many many years ago!! Maybe even give them a kiss or two, but I was afraid people would think me odd.  You see I owned an identical pair back in 1976 when I was in the 8th grade.  Each day after I wore them I’d give them a nice little buff with a soft cloth and place them in their special spot in the closet. How I loved those boots and how I miss them now!!!! This pair of boots represents some of my most cherished childhood memories. Summer days spent on the racetrack in Prescott Arizona. Mucking horse stalls. Climbing the fence on the backside to watch the horses do their morning workout and just spending the weekend with my mom.
I stood their staring at them for the longest time thinking they had to be the very pair I once owned. A woman suggested I try them on and so I did, but I was unable to get my heel in. If you wear boots you probably know what I’m talking about. The point where your toes are in but there’s that last tug before your heel drops down. I felt just like one of Cinderella’s ugly step-sisters trying to force her foot into the delicate glass slipper. Now that I’m writing I think I could have tried a little harder and maybe, just maybe, I would have been able to get them on, however my shoulder was causing me too much pain and the idea of having to wrestle the beloved things off my feet were just too much for me at that very moment.  I’m still convinced that they are the very pair of boots I once owned, size six with the same marking where a horse once stepped on my foot.
I wore a size six up until about ten years ago when my toes, not so politely, informed me that they would prefer NOT to be smashed into such a tight shoe. Alright enough about the boots. Beside, my heart is breaking at the thought of leaving them behind…sigh.

Had I been able to squeeze my heels into those gorgeous boots I would have bought this lovely pink gown to wear with them. Wouldn't that have made a lovely ensemble? Yes, I believe it would…double sigh.
This was the sweetest display…all white with burlap and silver jewelry.

The tents were all so gorgeously decorated. One even had a Tutu dangling from the cross bars and a swing behind it ready for afternoon tea. I think this was Rita’s tent…I  had to borrow her sock to try on the boots so I’ve decided the next time I go to one of these lovely events I’ll take along a pair of my own, just in case ;-O.
I loved the expression of this solemn angel as she watched the shoppers moving about.
There were so many lovely displays filled with trinkets and treasures and
the day turned out to be perfect with a cool breeze and white puffy clouds.

In my next post I’m going to show you the sweetest little gem of a trailer all dressed up with a tin ceiling and Victorian Gingerbread…It was so delicious I thought I was going to swoon and faint from it all.
Until next time, I hope you all have a great day


ellen b. said...

Katie is next to me eying that tutu! What a fun marketplace! The photos are beautiful...

Rita said...

Absolutely beautiful post Katie! I will share your link on our FB page
The Vintage Marketplace.