Friday, February 29, 2008

Arise, my love, my lovely one come,

the winter is past and the rains are gone.

The flowers appear, it's the season of song,

My beautiful one,

arise and come with me.

Set me like a seal on your heart,

for love is unyielding as the grave

the flash of it is a jealous fire,

no flood can quench,

for love is as strong as death.

Arise my love and come with me

before the dawn breaks and the shadows flee.

You ravished my heart with just one glance

my beautiful one, arise and come with me.

I am my love's, my beloved is mine.

Arise and come with me.

This is one of my favorite songs by Michael Card.
It's words come from the "Song of Solomon" in the Old Testament.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs the other day and there were many references to the "Song of Songs." I was inspired and reminded just how deep the Fathers love is toward us. Just how far He will go to find us if we've gone astray, how He longs to romance us into a relationship with Him.
He is gracious, merciful, longsuffering, and wishes that none suffer.
He is also a God who is jealous for our attention and devotion.
I am thankful to worship a Living God and not one made of wood or stone.


Cheri said...

What a fun site! Your dogs are adorable. I love Michael Card and his writing...Good to see you today

Cheri said...

Hi, Great site. I love Michael Cards writings. Cute dogs! Good seeing you today.

Pat said...

You have a beautiful blog! I enjoyed my visit very much.

I am blogging about a trip to Ireland I made a couple of years ago. I hope you drop in for a visit!

Hugs, Pat

Tara said...

Came to your blg via Pat...this is such a nice place to be! I, too, work on my comp all day and then come home and play on my blog for me! Feels better than work, right??

Hope you can stop by for a visit! Nice to meet you!