Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Island that Jim built

My Husband and I like to design and build (I design and he builds) furniture. Anything you can make with wood. This is one of my favorite pieces! It took about 8 months to complete because I designed it as he built it.
I 've always wanted to draw, but have never been able to until I started working with auto-cad. Perfect lines every time...I love computers! Anyway, my husband kept asking me for drawings with dimensions so I got on my little cad program and started drawing away. When I would present him with my beautiful plans he would just look perplexed and say, "what's that? It just looks like a bunch of lines." Well, they were lines. Beautiful lines that I had drawn with my beloved cad program. No matter how I tried to explain to him what they represented, he still didn't get it. So in the end I decided to just walk him through my design concept that was rattling around in my head. Not bad for having no drawings to work with, what do you think?
Pink and green are my favorite colour combinations (plus brown. You can't go wrong when you add brown) so I decided to be brave and paint the inside pink. It looks great and you can actually see all my tea cups now.
Oh! Look at that hideous flooring! Maybe one day it'll be replaced along with the 55 year old counter tops and the 55 year old cupboard doors and that lovely oven that heats up the entire room.

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