Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I used to have a Beautiful Garden

I used to have a beautiful garden filled with 39 rose bushes, a gorgeous wisteria vine, and several lavender bushes, amongst other blooming things.
I would spend hours tending to my roses and daydreaming about how beautiful my garden would be once it was complete. There would be a potting shed in that corner while a bird bath was in other and a little stream that would meander its way around the whole garden. My bunnies would dance and play among the foliage and occasionally sneak up on the Blue Jays that frequented my yard. There were giant yellow & black Bumble Bees and kamikaze "hummers" that seemed to take great delight in buzzing my head whenever it was down. Many happy hours were spent in my garden until something dreadful happened...I went back to school, which led to a job.
My garden whispers to me now like a voice from the past, beckoning me to set aside an afternoon or an hour just to spent time with it but, I never seem to find the time.
The bunnies are gone and the blue jays have moved on to someone else's yard. If only time would stand still for a short while, maybe then my garden would be what it once was...a place where my heart longs to be.

1 comment:

Pat said...

Oh! Such a sad post! I do hope you get back to your garden again soon.
Maybe you can make it a weekend project for your family?