Friday, June 5, 2009

A Gentle Balance

Time is like a wheel. Turning and turning - never stopping.
"Natalie Babbitt"

Do you ever wonder about the concept of time? Why does it fly when we're having fun,
but drag on when things aren't going as we'd like?
Lately I've felt as if time has bought me a ticket
on a run-away train
speeding down the tracks without any brakes.
So I've been trying to find a gentle balance
between home and work as well as everything in between.

And I'm learning to slow down
and reflect on what's important in life
and spend time doing things that sing to my heart
while nourishing my soul.

I've been sitting quietly to listen,
with both my ears and my heart,
to the simple joys that only the Lord can provide.

And I've placed my dreams in a delicate box
where I can sift through them at my leisure.


grey like snuffie said...

My mother in law will be 91 this summer...very wise woman, who worked hard, took care of two family members in her home during their last know what her advice to people is? HAVE FUN! Life is short there are a few "need to do" things in life....BUT HAVE FUN! God is all over the place in simple things...good for you!

ellen b. said...

Love this thoughtful post Cori G! Have a wonderful weekend! I'm on a fast train this weekend :0)

Deborah said...

Oh so pretty and poetic!!! Beautiful photos of a beautiful home, which truly reflects a beautiful soul. Happy Saturday, my friend! **blows kisses** Deborah

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Cori I know how you feel! I have been so busy lately and I feel like time is passing too quickly.

My grandson will be here this week! We spent the day setting up a porta crib, etc :-) Lots of family celebrations are ahead !

fairmaiden said...

Slowing down is good. Imagine yourself sitting on the bank of a trickling brook...thats the way I try to live. I don't want to rush by all this beauty.

Allidink said...

I love that! That sounds like a poem! Seriously so pretty! Print that out on some pretty paper and frame it or something! I feel like time is going by too fast too. :\ I try to think in terms of quantum physics: there is no time, space, or reality and it is all a construction of our minds haha. So there can never be an end because there was never a beginning haha. Quantum physics hurts my brain...LOL Ok let's move on from that madness! What pretty pictures. I love the trinket box it's so sweet! What kinds of things are you doing to nourish your soul? :)

All the best,

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

You can't get any slower then where I'm at at the moment, I'm still hoping things will pick up. I do understand where your at though, and sometimes you do need to slow down a bit to get a grip on things. I want to tell you these photos are so romantic.

Have a Great Evening-

Cori G. said...

Hi Ladies,
Several of you have commented on my photos...thanks! I took them in an antiques store and played with them in photoshop. I wish they were in my home, but they're not :(.

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

xoxo Cori