Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You Lift me Up!

One of my favorite things to do at work is to peek at my emails throughout the day. I know, I know, I'm supposed to be working, but I have one of those jobs where my boss doesn't care what I do as long as I get my work done.
Today, however, was one of those crazy days right before an event where everyone is needing something from me and piling more work on my table. Usually in the form of hand written notes scribbled on a small nondescript piece of paper. Today was one of those days when I was feeling blue, overwhelmed, and not very inspired so I decided to check my email and there was a letter of encouragement from my dear friend Andrea of A Parson's Wife. Have you been over to see her blog? Every time I read one of her posts I feel the strings of my heart being gently tugged, drawn closer into the heart of God. She inspires me and yet today she gave me this beautiful inspiration award. Thank you Andrea!

After work Hubby and I purchased our bead board then stopped at Target to pick up a few items. Once the evening settled down I got back on my computer and checked my emails (I like to check my emails...don't you :)? I found another encouraging note from my Darling Deb at Midlife Poet. Have you visited her blog? It's always filled with such lighthearted delightful poetry laced with a bit of mischievousness. Whenever I'm blue I know I can count on Deb to bring a smile to my face. Thank you Darling Deb!
I'm so thankful to have both of you as friends. The two of you have inspired and enriched my life and caused me to stretch and grow. Thank you! Thank you! Sweet friends!!!


This award is to be passed onto"fellow bloggers who visit frequently and raise my spirits with their kind words of encouragement, their beautiful images and their wonderful outlook on life. They make blogging a positive experience and continue to make my life richer."

I'd like if I may to hand this wonderful award back to Andrea and Deborah and I'd like to also pass it on to Pam at Grey Like Snuffie. Her posts are always so full of inspiration and passion and I always feel uplifted whenever I visit her lovely blog.


grey like snuffie said...

Well aren't you sweet...thank you.

Allidink said...

What a sweet post!

All the best,

Tara said...


Love your kittens and congrats on award! :0)

Deborah said...

Awe, sweet! I so love how the human spirit can connect in spite of the separation of miles of the being. **blows kisses** Deborah

Anonymous said...

Here from your award giver's blog :), Midlife Poet. Congrats! Now to visit a new one you recommend!