Monday, June 1, 2009

I've Fallen Head over Heels

I wish I had some pictures of the room to show you, but it doesn't look any different from the last post so I thought I'd show you something else.
Do you remember the tassels I made? Since I made the first set I've been trying to find anything and everything that I can use for the tops. You might say I've fallen head over heels for tassels...silly, I know, but they're so cute and fun to make + you can use just about anything.
One day in my desperation to create something ANYTHING I noticed these two little forlorn kittens sitting on my stove top and I thought, "ah ha! I'll use those little critters."

First I made the little girl kitten...

and then the little boy.
Now they live in Arizona with my sister.

So, the room? We've had some glitches. One coat of paint went on and was super thin so we had to let it dry and apply another coat. I'm a firm believer in waiting 24 hours before the second coat goes on so we waited and waited and by the time we got home it was ready to go. After that I pulled all the plastic up and realized that the polyurethane wasn't completely dry which left a dull blotchy finish on our new glossy floor. Hubby, being the perfectionist that he is wants to sand and recoat with a matt finish while me being the impatient girl that I am decided it would be easier to buy a large area rug. There's going to be so much furniture in the room that noone will even know. :0. Well, all of you will :).
Tomorrow we're going to the lumber yard to buy the bead board and will probably start installing it later that evening. So you see, there really isn't anything to see...yet.
I'm very tired and still feeling woozy so I'm going to go for now plus I can hear the velvet voice of Harry Connick Jr. singing in the background.
Hubby's watching Memphis Belle and I'm missing it.
I hope you all have a wonderful evening.


Allidink said...

Aw, those tassels are adorable! I love them! They remind me of a fairy tale :) Hope you had a nice evening as well :)

All the best,

Becky said...

Hi Cori,
Your tassels are darling. I have been feeling the same way to make something, anything. Blogland stirs up my creative juices too.
Wonder what we will come up with next?

Andrea said...

Good morning, Cori! The tassels are so pretty!

I left something for you on my blog. Please, come and see.



ellen b. said...

those kittens are so darn cute. Good idea to use them with the tassels. Oh boy bead board. I really like that look!

Deborah said...

So cute! I actually never thought of making my own tassles....hmmm...I'm seeing beads and a million other things now! You certainly are advancing beautifully on your photoshop program. Your pictures are magnificient!!!! You best rest now, sweetie. Your body is trying to tell you to take care. **blows kisses** Deborah

Robin Chistensen said...

And they are adorable!!

Deborah said...

I have an award for you on my blog...are you award-free now? Too bad, because this one really describes you!!! Love, Deborah

grey like snuffie said...

Looking forward to the finished room guys do such an amazing job around your home.