Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hey Sandra, This is for you!

Hey Sandra,
This is for you!
I know my pictures are pretty fuzzy,
but I had to take a picture of a picture
since my lovely scanner went kopute!
How do you spell that?

Anywho, this was my little June E. Bug
taking a bath in the Kern river.
Her watchful friend was affectionately called Scummy
who never let Junie out of her sight.
Sunny was the strangest dog who spent much of her time
trying to nurse the baby birds.

This picture was taken right after her bath.
Doesn't she look so content sitting there on my hand?
When I found my little "bugaboo" she had just been snatched
from her nest by a big nasty crow and was being carried away.
No doubt the crow thought she would make an excellent lunch,
but luckily I just happened to be playing ball with Scummy.
It's a long story, but it involves a tennis ball
and a long drop out of the sky.

My little Junie lived in a basket, and once she
was older she played pretty well with the
other birds.
She enjoyed undoing my puzzles,
taking naps curled up on my neck,
and eating Coco Puffs.
She was the silliest little thing
who stole my heart and then shattered it
in pieces the day she flew away.

There are so many tales I could tell you
about this sweet little creature,
but they will have to wait for another day.
One day we'll be able to share our little birdie tales
face to face any maybe, just maybe they'll be there
to tell us a tale or two ;-).


Deborah said...

How sweet! And rude of Junie to fly away.

Beverly said...

Ah, she's so sweet. Maybe she flew away and found true love.

Lisa said...

How sweet! Your puppy is a good watch dog!
HUgs, Lisa

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Oh Cori, You have made my day by posting this and made some tears as I was reading about him. It sounded like this guy was quite the character. My little Russell was a ham bone too. Bobby I didn't get to know as well because he was here for a very short time. God Bless you for taking care of him. We need more people like you who care to take the time. I know someone who will love this story, and that person is Julie from idyllhours. She's an animal lover as well. You need to check her out Cori.

Thanks a whole bunch for sharing this. I appreciate you very much.

Big Hugs-