Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thankfully the weather here has started to cool down and we've been experiencing the most lovely overcast mornings with cool breezes. There for awhile, even poor Tallulah needed to wear her sunglasses since the maid who dwells beneath the eaves of Brambleberry Cottage hasn't sewn her drapes yet, but today may be the day! In fact, I just stepped away from this post to bring my work table in and while moving the kitchen island we discovered the islands wheels need shimming up...another project for another day.

Yesterday while my Internet was down I had hubby cut my rod then I hung the table cloth-turned drape in the closet...what do you think? I like how it separates the two spaces and hides some of the clutter behind the mirror. Oh yeah, things have collected back there too. It's a great place to hide all those ugly objects like black out fabric, cutting mats, and power cords. Doesn't it make you nuts having exposed cords all over your cottage? I know it does me, which is why I hide them at all cost!

So, I've decided to go off on one of my little rabbit trails. I was over at Vanessa's twitter page a few minutes ago and she twittered about Gypsy Wagons...something I've been dreaming about since FOREVER!!! My own little Gypsy Wagon. The first time I saw one was about 6 years ago while hubby and I were at a Renaissance Faire in Northern California, so much fun by the way!!! We've been looking for a vintage trailer for almost 3 years, but they're either too old, too far away, or too much money so this may be the perfect solution. Hubby can build me my very own gypsy wagon. He is after all a master craftsman! He can build anything! I mentioned to him that there are workshops he could take to build "said wagon" and he says, "PLEASE!!!! Do you think I need to take a class on building anything?" "Oops! Sorry!" was my reply. The only thing he needs help with is trying to interpret my brain and the ideas I come up with. I'm not saying he doesn't understand me, what I'm saying is that I have poor communication skills. I say things like, "honey, can you build me one of those thingy's?" and he says, "what thingy?" and I say, "you know, one of those thingy's I've been wanting. I told you about it a year ago." Then he has to try digging in my head to pull out all the details. I'm guilty of designing things as I go without any plans written down. It must be so frustrating for dear hubby, but he always manages to bring my dreams to reality.

Rabbit trail complete, now back to reality.

This poor little birdie tassel has been moved from place to place in my little cottage, but I think it's finally found a home. I used it to tie back my table cloth-turned drape and I think it will stay there. Too bad it doesn't chirp while I'm playing on my computer ;-).

Ah well, I have much to accomplish this weekend and hubby just took off on his Harley so now is the perfect time to begin my sewing project. Let's see how much I can get done before he gets home. Later today we'll be riding our bikes to a small cafe for dining alfresco.

Happy Saturday everyone!!!!

xoxo Cori


Anonymous said...

Rabbit trail complete now back to reality...
LOL funny Ms G!!!
Oh Cowboy and I are relieved, although a little freaked, to hear your conversation with your hunny, because we do that too, in fact it could almost be verbatim!
How about this one?
I say, hey babe, I want a bench that has those things down on the bottom and that kinda feet i like you know but i want it to open but kinda slide but not up, you know....


Together we could have our men build a whole new world!!!

Deborah said...

Cori, your new room is so dreamy. You should submit it to "Where Women Create", which is a fantastic magazine I just purchased yesterday. Wishing you a lovely little bike ride...too hot here to even walk to the mailbox. OH! Ms. Vanessa passing YOUR hat onto her Mombie is toooo cute! **kisskiss** Deb

ellen b. said...

I'm so glad things are cooling down for you and for me Yippee! Love your tablecloth gone drape...very nice and birdie tassel is perfect. Dear always has to dig out the facts from my brain, too...
Have a great time at dinner!

bj said...

I love that room!!
Cooler here in West Texas, too...cloudy morning, rainy, stormy nights...just my kind of weather. I just love it!!

Marye said...

you, my dear friend, write exactly as Anne Shirley would. In fact, I finally figured out why I like you so well...You are very similar and you have the same voice. I come here often for a quick vacation during my day..I need to comment more. :)

Cori G. said...

Hi Marye,
How sweet of you! I sound like Anne Shirley? Probably because she's a perpetual dreamer and I'm SURE she wouldn't like Starbucks...ha ha!!

Have a lovely Sunday!

xxoo Cori

Allidink said...

Aww great idea with the curtain! I love how it hides that stuff :) So cute! A gypsy wagon sounds sooo cute! haha I wish I had someone to make one!

All the best,

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I love your little creative's so cozy and pretty!

Owning a gypsy wagon sounds like such fun ... and I know your hubby will make you a wonderful one! Can't wait to see it when it is done!