Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Ugly Secret!

When I was just a little girl every time I tried something new my mother always said, “Put your best foot forward dear.”ugly-kitchen7

 ugly-kitchen4I never quite knew what that meant, but I think I finally understand. Here in Bloglandia we like to show our friends all the beautiful things we’ve created or purchased for our homes……

ugly-kitchen3But what we don’t like to show is the ugly sides of our dwellings. So I’ve decided to expose some of mine, just in case you were under the impression that  Brambleberry Cottage is a slice of perfection in a cottage…hee hee!   





 These are all pictures from my kitchen. Lovely don’t you think? I used to enjoy looking out the window while doing dishes, but the view has been blocked by the ugly air-conditioner. Would you check out that super retro flooring? It’s from the 70’s and I think it’s coming back in style.

The hot water heater’s a nice touch, don’t you think? If you’re not careful it might grab you as you come in the back door.

You’ve gotta love the cupboards with the hardware that looks like,…well, giant bugs…EEEEEKKKKK!!!!!

Oh, I’m trying to finish my drapes for my craft room. That’s the fabric laid out on the table and while I’m in the middle of one project nothing else gets done. Trying to keep things clean just gets in the way of completion, but I do have to do my dishes and it’s getting late so I better run.

I hope you enjoyed one of Brambleberry’s ugly secrets. Who knows, maybe I’ll show you more. Oh Yes! There are many more!!!!



Marye said...

still much lovlier than my kitchen. and I am going to start doing videos from mine.sigh... ;) You are a brave girl...

Deborah said...

Retro is in! Check out C Jane-her link is on my blog. She lives in what she calls the Retro House. I have big white floor tile with gray grout in my kitchen and halls and probably will never change it simply because I love white and bright. I enjoy having a life time of plans for renovating my home...hubby, not so much as me! This is an excellent idea though. You should sponsor a "My Ugly Secret" day and we could all join in. **blows kisses** Deb
P.S. Regarding your nephew, where there is life, there is hope, for where there is life, there is God.

Cori G. said...

Video's Marye? That sounds like fun! Maybe you could make some backdrops or something, but I'm sure you're kitchen has that lovely Victorian Farmhouse charm no matter what state it's in ;-).
Have a fun Wednesday!

xoxo Cori

Robin Chistensen said...

Ugly, ugli, uglee...



Andylynne said...

Well not so ugly really, it could be so much worse. I bet your cool when you do the dishes? I'v come to the conclusion that doing dishes is overated :)

Anonymous said...

Oh you make me smile MS CG~ everyones got a lil somethin-somethin in the ugly closet now dont they?
Brambleberry Cottage's retro floor, hot H20 heater & AC, meet Coon Bottom Paradise's straight from an episode of Ms Kitty's place's in gunsmoke bedroom wallpaper, the livingroom carpet thats been around since the civil war and might be considered powder blue now, and my personal favorite, the kitchen cabinets with the wheat sheaf motiffs.
Tres chic.
I think it keeps our abodes humble. :)

ellen b. said...

Oh the secrets I could reveal. Hey one of the houses I grew up in had that cabinet hardware.

miss gracies house said...

I had to chuckle because that is exactly what we do. We show what we want to show. If you could see the rest of my bedroom, my dining room, oh and my parlor...someday maybe:0
But, whatever you do to your photos, it still makes them pretty:)...that oven has a little vintage appeal. Ugly, udone spots just come with old houses. Thanks for keepin' it real!
Have a great day!
ps.You asked about my paint-I use a custom paint color. No off the paint-chip color for me...I have to make everything harder than that!It is *a soft, white with a touch of vanilla*. It's not a *blue* white but a bit warmer. I get my paint at Kelly Moore-you have those there, right? I'll share the formula if you're that interested.

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Wow, your not kidding!! Your place should be doomed. No really, It's not that bad and you know what who cares. That's life! My place is not that roomy and we also rent so sometimes it can get hectic around here at times. I have only a small place to work in so that is a problem especially cleaning bird cages all the time, and at that time it can get ugly.

Oh and one more thing I know your not ignoring me, I know things in life takes us away from the computer, like your beloved Husband!! I know all about it, I have one too. Ha Ha Take your time girl and be a good loving wife like you should be.. Hey they are our LIFE... I'll be hearing from you when you get a chance.. don't worry about it.

Take Care-

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

MIss Cori, I have to admit, I don't hate it. I love your oven, and your cabinets, and I am sure your kitchen window is marvelous in spring and fall and winter? The same thing happens to my studio window in summer. But I would forgo cool air for any ugliness in the world. And that's a fact ;)

I think your cottage is just lovely! Like her owner!!

My Mom is parading around her town in your hat!!!! What did you start, teeee eeeeee ;) ;) she loves it!!! I had to let her have it ;)


Lisa said...

You have such a way with pictures they look just great! I like your retro kitchen!
Hugs, Lisa

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Cori, if I could fit an air conditioner in my kitchen window I'd have one just like you! I can't, as my window is a jalousey (sp?) and cranks outward. So I suffer from the heat and humdity in my little Brooklyn kitchen all summer. It should be my excuse for not cooking, right? I wish!

bee'nme said...

Hi Cori!

I've had fun spending a little time meandering through your WONDERFUL blog...it's just lovely! Even this post, with the keeping it real theme is beautiful in its honesty and humor - so glad you shared this!! I love the previous commenter's idea of hosting an Ugly Secret party here.. Wouldn't it be a hoot to actually celebrate these slices of reality...invite folks over to see our hideous junk room instead of closing the door or stuffing things under the bed and in the closet when company comes...it could be very liberating!! :o)

I plan to add you to my blogroll if that's OK...I look forward to stopping by often for inspiration and a smile!

Have a great week!

Hugs & Blessings,
Becky S. at Just Bee 'n Me