Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hatley Park, British Columbia

Or as my hubby called it, "The search for Wolverine."
You most likely don't know this about me, but I'm a HUGE Sci-Fi Fan!!!
HUGE!!! GinORmOUS!!!!!
I can't get enough of Sci-Fi!! Please don't be disappointed with me! I just can't help myself!!!

So, when I found out that X-Men had been filmed at Hatley Park I just had to see it. Now I can die happily knowing that I walked the same halls that Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman walked ;-).
OK! Sorry for the drama...back to the post.

Hatley Castle was built for James Dunsmuir a wealthy Canadian businessman and took 18 months to complete. His father had built a smaller castle in Victoria but died before ever being able to move in so James decided his castle had to be built quickly so he could enjoy it. He was quoted as saying, "Money doesn't matter, just build what I want."

This view is the front of the castle with the huge Port Cochiere and the small Italian garden out front. Can you imagine pulling up in your coach and stepping out under the massive stone structure?
It must have been a sight to see.

These are the front doors and you should see the hardware. It's very impressive. On either side of the door, sculpted out of stone, are a head of James and his wife Laura who are both wearing crowns. There was no mistaking who was head of this castle.

Before the shooting for X-men began, this room was completely repainted in the colors that you see and refurbished for filming, but after all the work not one piece of footage was shot in the room.

The castle is surrounded by many beautiful gardens with different themes. This gate leads to the rose garden and just to give you an idea of it's scale...

That's me standing at 5'-1" peeking out from behind it.
It was a HUGE gate. Only one of many.

That is just a teeny tour of the castle and grounds and there's so much more, but it will have to wait for another day. I'm tired and need some rest.

xoxo Cori


Moorea said...

I KNEW there was a reason I liked you so much- not just the tea and beely dancing, but Sci Fi! HA! We are HUGE Stargate fans, plus other stuff too, but wow!

What a wonderful trip! I wish you good weather and lots of warm toasty fires.
Love, Moorea

Deborah said...

oooOOOOOOOoooo Cori, I LoVe the new bloggy look! So You. Love the tour of the castle too. The gardens are so beautiful.
**kisskiss** Deb

ellen b. said...

Well I live with a couple sci-fi fans so you'll get no judgement from me :0)
Now I'm going to have to go back to Vancouver Island with those fans and make sure we don't miss Hatley Park!
The gate is huge...

grey like snuffie said...

COOL!!!! Cori you capture great images and then I'm thinking you play with some of them....I LOVE your photo posts. Beautiful place.... You would fit in our home well. The only boy in the house is hubby and ALL of us LOVE Sci-fi---
Thanks for sharing the beauty.

One Shabby Old House said...

I would have never dreamed that you are a Sci-fi fan. Roses, cottages and Sci-fi...hmmmm. I think it is cute.
What a great castle. Thanks for the amazing tour.

fairmaiden said...

I have to go now!!! The fact that X-men was filmed there could very well get my kids to come along. I just love Hugh Jackman. This castle is amazing...I can see why it was your favorite. And you look so cute peaking out from the gate:O)