Monday, November 23, 2009

Dreamy little Lollipops


Hello and how are you all doing? It’s been crazy busy here at Brambleberry Cottage what with Thanksgiving just a few days away and family coming to stay from out of town. I still haven’t done all my grocery shopping or cottage cleaning, but I did start my Christmas decorating.


I found these darling little sugary confections at Target and bought every one of them. Then I went to the Target across from work and bought more, although they only had four…but I still need more ;-).


I decided that since my family was going to be here for Thanksgiving I’d decorate for Christmas. Does that make sense to you? Funny, it does to me too!


And since my Kitchen is pink and green I thought I’d do a pink, green, and silver theme and I’m really loving the way it’s turning out. Hubby refers to it as my ongoing, ever changing, science project.


On Saturday my friend Janet and I set up a Tea Table at our local museum for the “Josephine and Jane Austin Tea” that was held there. Of the two of us Janet is definitely the more organized and always wants to know the “how’s and why’s of what we do.” Me? I just want to have fun!


And as you can see we did just that!!


The Gingerbread cookies look delicious don’t they? Janet and I were often amused whenever anyone would ask if they could take one to eat, and just in case you can’t tell, they’re plastic tree ornaments…


however, there were the most delicious Napoleon desserts provided by a catering company called Champagne. Such gooey sweetness that both of us ate two.


After our tea adventure we headed back to our homes and I spent the rest of the evening with Hubby and my darling little pups.

Well, I'm thinking that I probably won't be around for the next few days... more likely not until after Thanksgiving... so I thought I'd wish you all a lovely Thanksgiving filled with lots of love, laughter, and THANKFULNESS!!!


ellen b. said...

Love those lollipops! I'm sure your cottage will look so lovely in all it's pink and green sweetness :0)
A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Cori G! I probably won't be around till next week, too. Dear and our company arrive tonight and I'm making our turkey today since we are going to a friends on Thanksgiving and we don't want to miss out on turkey leftovers!

Deborah said...

Oh my oh my...soooo much eye candy!!! Yummy. Love the colors for your kitchen; so delightful. Love love your fur babies! Hubby looks soooo cozy there. We call our small dogs The Little Children. And no, I could not tell the cookies were plastic, but that would work out great on my Wt. Watchers...I could gnaw on them all day long! I'm right there with you...I just wanna have fun!
**blows happy happy kisses** Deb

Beverly said...

Cori, I know everything will be beautiful once you use your magic touch.

I hope your Thanksgiving with your family is wonderful.

fairmaiden said...

Your cottage is beginning to look alot like a Christmas Pinkie a sweet shop even. All shiny and sparkling. Wishing you a very blessed Thanksgiving holiday.

I will be posting about your precious gift to me upon returning from holiday! The pictures I took of them are so so pretty.

fairmaiden said...

Thank you for the sentiments for Bella Bleu. I was very disturbed by what happened because I have known the owner of this tiny pet shop(called Corner Pet Shop) for a long time. She is has such a gentle kind spirit and cares so much for animals. She only carries natural and organic products, auromatherapy for pets, homeopathic products, etc. And Kyle was a wonderful groomer...I felt very safe leaving Bella in his care. So, I don't know why she would hire someone new who would do such an uncaring grooming. I am going back in to talk to the owner and ask for a refund. And then, well I will probably groom Bella myself.

Tara said...


I hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday surrounded by your loved ones! I'll be thinking of you--enjoy!

Lisa said...

Will run to Target tomorrow! I have two really close!! Only thing better than lollipops is cupcakes!
The tea looks amazing! I would have just loved that !
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hugs, Lisa

Cori G. said...

Lisa, have you found cupcake ornaments somewhere? I was thinking about making you have a pattern or tutorial? You've given me a great idea for the weekend!!!
Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

Bernideen Canfield said...

The tea table was perfect and very unique!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I love your pink'silver/ green Christmas tree ornamnets! I haven't begun decorariting for Christmas as yet ... starting this weekend! :-)

Hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving Cori!

Hugs, Pat

Sara said...

Pink and green make a fabulous combination...I can't wait to see how your "science project" develops!

Hope you and yours had a lovely Thanksgiving.

Simply Heart And Home said...

This is my first visit to your blog and it is delightful. I am going to bookmark it and visit again. Very nice to meet you!

Have a lovely evening


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Cori! I am finally finished putting everything away and cleaning up. Now it will be time for Christmas decoratng and baking, etc. We will be seeing our little man soon. I can't wait!

I only wish I didn't have this foot problem that is slowing me down....but maybe there is a good reason for that?
Have a wonderful week!

Hugs, Pat

Miss•Elena•Eous said...

Congrats on the awards and thanks for leaving a comment! My Thanksgiving was lovely. Quiet and small, with delicious pumpkin pie- just the way I like it. As for the advent calendar, sadly that pretty one isn't mine. I planned to post a picture of mine but there just wasn't time for a photo shoot! Happy second of December!