Friday, November 20, 2009

If England and France were meeting for tea...

who would they send to represent each country?
Why Josephine and Jane Austin of course.

There's a little known museum here in our little town that will be hosting a tea this coming Sunday. My friend Janet and I will be representing the "Pinkie Teas" and are setting up a table filled with china, tea accessories and a few of our favorite recipes.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood you should drop by just to say "Hi!"

Here's a link to the event: MUZIO and we hope to see you there!


ellen b. said...

Oh crumb cakes. I'm very far from the neighborhood! Timing is everything...
Enjoy and I hope you take photos!

Deborah said...

Where oh where are the photos dearest? Where was I Friday? Life is spinning out of control. Photos of the tea soon, please and thank you. **kisskiss** Deb

Cori G. said...

Hello Darling Deb and Ellen B.,
I'm very sad to report that I have no pictures...well, maybe just a few. It turned out to be an event that a College Marketing class had done as a final project. There was tea tasting, Regency style Make-overs, poetry readings by studens, and me and my friend Janet. The students did a beautiful job and we had a lot of fun...didn't have time to see the exhibit though so we'll be going back. Have a lovely evening ladies.

Much love, Cori