Monday, November 30, 2009



Before all the craziness of the Holidays began my beloved Rooty toot Rhonda Roo gave me so many awards that I had to put them all in a nice little wicker basket. Oops…please forgive me Darling Deb as you gave me the same awards just as I sent Milo off to Roo’s Treehouse and in my mournful state from losing my weence yellow bug boy I forgot to post. So you could say I have two baskets full ;-).

Along with these lovely and ever beloved awards from two of my fave bloggy buddies I have to post 10 honest things about me. Beloved Roo is looking for dirt, uhm, I mean interesting facts, or just facts…hee hee! So here we go:

1. This probably isn't the best thing to start with, but I suffer from road rage ;-O! OH Yes indeed! If you saw me on the road you'd think I was jockeying for position on the race track. While driving, my motto is: "Why be third when you can be second or better yet, "why be second when you can be first." I like to be the first one out of the gate and if you happen to be in front of me, beware because I'll squeeze out from behind, zoom past, and cut in front (of course I always wait till I'm a safe distance from your front bumper.

Zoom zoom!!!!!

DecEMBer Stuff 003
2. I can spend days and days doing housework. Weird, I know, but to me an uncluttered cottage is an uncluttered mind.
3. I have a dyslexic tongue which has caused me many embarrassing moments in life. Oh, and the brain is dyslexic too...I see things backwards and inside out or upside down when they're really right side up or facing forward.
4. I've taken a mechanical drafting course in college which is where I discovered I was dyslexic. Have you ever tried drawing a three-dimensional gear on the computer from the back side forward? It doesn't work... trust me, I know! OK, enough with the dyslexia.
5. I have a whole collection of lovely Brighton Handbags, but I carry everything in one of these. It’s a funny little bag I bought in Prescott last summer and just love it too pieces. Mu husband says that’s where I live…La-la Land…Pink Cottage on the left or is it the right?


6. I suffer from SAD (seasonal affectiveness disorder). Oh yes, there is such a thing as SAD and living in an old cottage like mine makes me that much “sadder.” This little dwelling has no overhead lighting, only ambient fixtures placed about the perimeter of the rooms. Each winter hubby and I go through the same routine… I go from room to room turning on every single light and he follows turning every one off. The light or lack of light makes me sad…isn’t that sad?

raindeer 011


7. The furniture in my living room has been in the exact same place for the past 10 years. I do change the accessories from time to time, but not too often ;-).

8. You know those converter boxes that everyone had to get for their old TV’s? We hooked ours up and haven’t watched TV since. It’s hiding behind the bird screen in the living room as well as everything that wouldn’t fit in my newly reworked craft room. The screen has become my “New Black Hole.”

9. I’ve been wearing the same pair of flip-flops for the past three years, or is it four? I figure if the children of Israel wandered for forty years in the same pair of sandals I’d try and see how long mine would last…doing good so far ;-/.


10. I always plan our vacations around B&B’s that I want to stay in. They’re always Victorian and preferably decorated with antiques. It’s always so much fun to sit and sip coffee with perfect strangers.


Ok, I tried to make my 10 things short so ya’ll wouldn’t become bored to tears. Did it work? I hope so! Oh, if you read this post all the way to the very end please accept my basket of awards for yourself. If you do let me know so I can find out 10 honest things about you.

xoxo Cori


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Cori...Oh my have a lot of internal "stuff" to deal with...but seem to be handling it well.
SAD IS a real condition...
tell your husband to PLEASE leave the lights ON !
I read your post all the way thru to the end...but because of my AADD..I can't remember all you wrote...except that you do not like clutter.
You would not like my house then I am afriad.....because I don't mind clutter...don't like dirt..but clutter I don't mind.


grey like snuffie said...

LOL..great post. What a perfect little car to go zooming about the roads.

Cori G. said...

Hi Ladies, Thanks! I was trying to keep it lighter and less wordy then the last one.
Rose, if you look at the pictures of my house it's very cluttered!! I came from a family of collectors and was bit by the bug at an early age. So I'm sure I would love your house.
Have a great day ladies!!

xoxo Cori

Deborah said...

WHOA! I think I have SADADHDXYZ!!! I am that way about the lights too. I always have the kitchen and breakfast nook lights on if I am in there or not, because when I walk in there I want it to be BRIGHT! Which is another reason to love Christmas and white lights, or blue LED lights....allllll day long. I have been wearing the same winter shoes for about 7 years!!! I was actually going to purchase new boots last weekend, but those darn new styles witht the long pointy ends are either too tight or too loose! Soooo back to the old clogs! Certainly makes sense why were are such good friends!
**blows Christmassy kisses** Deb

Beverly said...

Cori, I laughed aloud at you having road rage. Wow! That one is a surprise.

I am just the opposite. I spent most of my life driving in very heavy traffic (like Miami), and I am a very calm driver. I must have developed that attitude as a survival technique. Go ahead, I'll let you cut in front of me.♥

I never rearrange my furniture either. Once it is the way I want it, it stays that way.

Rebecca said...

O so sweet my very sweet!

Now...I have SAD,too! Two years ago my Mr. AGPMan purchased me a SAD LIGHT. I sit under it for 15 minutes every morning during the winter months. It changed my life. It was a bit costly and there are MANY kinds. Not all are good and after a month of research my guy snagged a fabulous one for me on-line. Can't life without it now.


Lisa said...

I loved learning more about you! What great awards! Congrats!
Hugs, Lisa

Tara said...

Hi Cori

I am a SAD person, too, and am fighting the same electric chasing here! I turn everything on and the next thing I know it is OFF! HAHA! I am still at it and determined to win! Road rage! Funny! I, too, do not want to move furniture--I always think about it but never do it!
HAve a super week!

fairmaiden said...

Wow thats alot of info. I'm dyslexic too...not too bad though. They didn't discover it until my last semester of College! My son has it too. So you're the one on the road that I'm saying "whats the hurry" to. I am the opposite...I drive slow and watch the road ragers speeding around me only to get one car ahead...that's like 1 minute ahead of me. Really dearie you should slow down, try it, you'll see you'll get there in the same amount of time and not as stressed out. Of course, I know, sometimes it is just fun to drive fast.

Cori G. said...

What a funny comment Fairmaiden, but in my defense I've slowed WAY down since I traded my Mustang in for my little Orange Pumpkin Coach ;-). It doesn't come out of the gate nearly as fast, but is more fun to toodle about in. Plus I've made the same observation...zipping through traffic really doesn't get you that much further ahead...wink, wink!


ellen b. said...

Hello Cori G! I love your style girl!
I also really like how you piled those awards in that cute. You are talented. BTW...Advent simply put is the 4 Sundays leading up to Christmas.
The churches I grew up in never mentioned Advent or had any events referring to Advent but a few years ago our little church in Seattle enjoyed the Advent tradition with lighting one of 4 candles every Sunday with a Bible reading to go with it and then on Christmas lighting the center candle...
The readings all relate to preparing our hearts to receive Christ.
I enjoy "high" church every now and then in contrast to our more casual ways...

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

My dear Cori I was so surprised and happy when my hubby picked the piece of paper with your name on it as my Christmas teapot blog give away winner!! CONGRATULATIONS!! My post is finally was a long

PS: It was fun reading more about you in this post..congrats on all your blog awards :-)

Hugs, Pat

Nanny's Notions said...

Hi, dropping by to say congratulations on the teapot win...oh what a beautiful blog you have set up here. I hope you don't mind if I visit often!☺

Sandy said...

I enjoyed learning some "facts" about you. The furniture in all of my rooms have been in the same spot since we moved here almost ten years ago. I pick the best arrangement for the room and it stays that way. I have a SIL who moves her furniture around all the time and changes her kitchen cabinets around too. You never know where anything is. But she is very creative and thinks of ways to put stuff that I never would. I don't think I have SAD but if I didn't have the holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years during these dark days I couldn't stand it. I hate it when it gets dark so early and if it's overcast it's even earlier. We are coming up on the shortest day of the year. And then the days will start to get longer. Have a nice day!

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Sara said...

Hi Cori, this was a special treat to get to know you a little better.

Everyone needs one of those black holes, and yours is the prettiest one I've seen...I'd say your doing okay.

Yes, why is it our better halves so often do things the opposite of us? In my case it's windows opened that I later find have been closed!

Oh, and I want to say congratulations to you on winning that pretty Christmas teapot! Whoo hoo!


Willow said...

Cori, I have SADS too, which is one reason why we moved south to California--more sunshine and daylight!

Simply Heart And Home said...

I love B & B's too. Our favorite is a the Riverwind Inn in Connecticut.


Cori G. said...

Hi Ladies, I'm amazed at how many of us have SADS and I'm sure you hubby's are a bit miffed about why we need to have every light on in the house ;-). I hope you all get plenty of sunshine this week.

xoxo Cori