Saturday, January 5, 2008

California Storm

I keep hearing in the news about the storm that's taking place all over California, but it's Saturday Night and we still haven't seen any signs of it. A little bit or rain here, a little bit of rain there, but nothing worth writing home about.
It always seems that the storms blow right over our house and never actually affect us. We sit snuggled in our home bundled up on the couch and watch it from our T.V. set.

I think it's so sad how the media seems to delight in all disasters. Our local news stations always refer to any storm as, "Storm Watch 2000 and blank! (whatever the year happens to be). This will be the biggest storm since 2000 and blank!" (whenever the last big storm was). And it's all said as if something wonderful and spectacular is about to happen. Sort of like, "The Prince is having a Ball!" Now that's something worth getting excited about. Especially if you haven't been able to wear your favorite Ball Gown in a while.

But, back to the storm. Every time we have a storm my mother from Arizona calls to find out if we've been washed away or if we're just merely floating down stream. I'm always thankful that it's neither.

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Robin Chistensen said...

I rarely believe the media, but I do get jealous thinking about a sprinkle (I mean rain) here and a little rain there. I think it's safe to say that she shares that jealousy!