Thursday, January 3, 2008

Go to Girl!

I have very reluctantly been labeled as the "go to girl" by my husband.
For some bizarre reason I'm able to figure out how to do certain things that my wheence brain isn't capable of understanding and yet, it figures things out. I always tell him that I have the brain of a Bunny Rabbit. You are probably thinking, "why would anyone say that their brain is like a bunny rabbit's?" I would reply by telling you that, A: "you have obviously never owned a bunny rabbit" or B: "if you did own a bunny rabbit you certainly never paid attention to it's behavior." Bunnies are the most amazing little creatures. They can tell time, are very schedule oriented, and you can take them to a new house and within minutes they know their way around. A Bunny never gets lost!

So, my sister calls me last night extremely frustrated because she can't figure out how to work her blog. My husband picks up the phone and yells, "Hey go to girl, you're sister wants to talk to you on the phone." Do you know how difficult it is to try and teach someone something that you yourself can't figure out?
Well, this is the result of trying to help her...I figured out how to post on the main body of my page. I hope she does the same.

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