Sunday, January 20, 2008


Don't you just love when you get your favorite thing for your birthday? Well, I got it this year from my husband, MONEY! A nice little chunk of it I might add.

So what does a girl do when she's posed with the question of how she's going to spend it? She thinks long and hard in the hopes that her gifts will just appear in front of her eyes. And that's exactly what happened. Fun little things that I had been dreaming about just appeared as I went about my merry little way.

These are a few pics of what I found.
Don't you just love this?
I found it hanging in one of my favorite stores and when the woman told me the price I almost swooned. I would have paid more, but was very thankful for the small price that I did pay.
My other great find...A PINK SCALE! PINK! I LOVE THE COLOR PINK!
Really, in my vocabulary no other color exists.
When I brought it home my husband looked at it and said, "what are you going to do with that?" "Weigh my chocolate, Dear. What else would I do with it?" He thought it would be perfect out in his garage for weighing his airplane parts. I Don't think so!
The other gifts I bought were some excellent Adobe products for my little computer. When my husband found out what I was planning for the rest of my gift, he thought I was nuts. "Why don't you buy some clothes, a new purse, some perfume, or some sort of girly things?" Those are things you but everyday. They are the necessities of life. A girl needs a little frivolity every now and then.
Oh! I still have a little left, but that's
reserved for the Brighton Store.

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