Sunday, January 27, 2008

il est fini!

For the past two years the church that I attend has held what we call, "A Taste of Zion." Once a year the women get together and bring a favorite dish for everyone to try along with a copy of the recipe. We have a wonderful time of fellowship and an even more wonderful time of worship.
It was the dream of our Pastor's darling wife to compile all of the recipes into one cook book that could be sold and given as gifts and to dedicate it to the past pastor' wives who have encouraged and inspired the church that we now have. And we do have an amazing church!
Any way, back to the cook book.
Some time in July I started putting a cook book together for my husband because he really likes to bake. A few weeks later the thought occurred to me that I could do the cook book for church so I brought a sample of what I had started for my husband and asked our pastor's wife if she needed any help.
I was hired on the spot!
There were of course, many glitches along the way due to my old computer programs and my new vista platform. Page after page didn't want to save so I'd save it under a different name only to open it up later and have to change the name again. I had so many drawings of the same page with different variations that I never knew what had been worked on last.
Oi Vey!
So, I did the only thing I could do...I updated my computer programs and from then on it was a piece of cake. Well, maybe not a piece of cake as I was behind schedule. WAY BEHIND SCHEDULE! I scrambled to get everything completed so it would be available for our next "Taste of Zion" which was held on the 19th of this month. Did I finish! There was still so much work to be done. Cutting, hole punching, and assembling them into three ring binders, but it is finaly finished. I look at it and think to myself, "how did you do that?" You see, I'm able to do a lot of things well, but I excel at nothing. The only thing I can do is say that it had to be the Lord and He always finishes what He starts.

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