Sunday, January 6, 2008

Years ago I went to design school to become an Interior Designer and my poor husband was subjected to all of my studies. I would drag him to Home Tours, museums, furniture stores, and every gardening center along the way.
Originally I wanted to specialize in Historic Homes and Restoration as I have an undying love of all things Victorian and always imagined myself living in a darling Carpenter Gothic style home.
However, during the course of my studies my husband discovered Craftsman furniture and fell in love. Craftsman furniture of all things...the extreme opposite of what I love and had been collecting for years. I kept thinking to myself, "How do you mix Victorian with Craftsman?" Very perplexing, but after a lot of research and magazine scouring I decided it was not as impossible as I had originally imagined.
So, I allowed him to indulge in his sense of creativity. He went out and purchased all the necessary tools and equipment that was needed to build furniture and got started right away. Two years later we had this beautifully constructed chair.
That's him with our pups. Oh, I did the lovely upholstery job.


Robin Chistensen said...

If only I could post pictures. Your title page is adorable. I want to learn. We just received my print shop stuff and so much more. Layering techniques with text ability stuff. I can't wait.

James looks cozy.

Terri said...


you are one talented girl and I am impressed by your blog.

Love, Aunt Terri