Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fabulous Flea Market Finds!

Hello my sweet darling bloggy friends! I have missed you all and feel like it's been forever since I've been here...I say that a lot don't I? Anywho, I've been trying to get this post up since Wednesday morning, but Wednesday came and went and then there was Thursday and I had no Internet. After spending all morning unplugging wires then plugging them back in I finally got hold of someone with an American accent who told me my entire block was down. What a relief! I was hoping it had nothing to do with our wiring. You see, there was a skunk in the neighborhood and I think he had something to do with it all. That was when I noticed I couldn't post. I'm sure this all sounds very strange, but it is indeed why I've been missing from bloglandia. So, here is Wednesday's post on Friday.

I don't know if you remember, but a few weeks back I attended the Paris Flea Market and came home with some fabulous finds. Well, after much begging and pleading with Mamselle she finally agreed to model my new scarf for you. The woman who I bought it from said that her father purchased it in the forties and who knows if it's true or not, but I love the softness of the colors and the curly fringe around the edge. Mamselle says it's her favorite piece of gypsy wear...we won't tell her that it's really mine as it's better to let her believe what she wants ;-). She tends to think that all my pretty things belong to her.

Mamselle was reluctant to allow me to remove her Edwardian collar since her friend the White Lady has been eyeballing it of late, but when I told her she couldn't be a gypsy and a proper Edwardian at the same time she acquiesced to my request. We just finished watching the Pirates trilogy over the weekend and are still in our "Pirate Speak" so to speak...giggle.

A little flower at the hip is the perfect finishing touch to gypsy scarf, don't you think? Oh that I looked as good as she who wears my pretty things.

Old table linens have become one of my favorite passions lately and I'm finding all sorts of new ways to use them. This one is going to become a divider of sorts between the mess that has collected on my closet floor. Oh Yes! There is a mess! And I can't figure out what to do with all the extra stuff. While planning my perfect little storage space I failed to make room for my ugly printer so it's laying on the floor, but really...who wants an ugly printer in their pretty closet anyway...certainly not I. Oh, and during the time that my Internet was down I actually hung the cloth and took pictures, but I'll leave that for another post.

Have I ever told you that I'm dyslexic? Well, I am and one of the worst ways it affects me is when I'm counting. I can't count, I can't do math, I can't even add in my head. All the numbers dissipate like the morning fog under the heat of the day. It's terribly inconvenient especially when you think you've purchased 8 salt shakers only to realize you've really bought 4. These little beauties will some how be transformed into tassels for my Chocolate Brown Curtains if I can find 4 more at a great price. If not I'll just have to make due with what I have.

It has been so hot lately that I haven't the energy to do a thing. Needless to say my bolt of chocolate brown fabric is leaning against the wall just waiting patiently for the day when I feel the desire to start cutting away.
At work we had been planning a tea for August 8 and I designed the prettiest invitations where I used one of my favorite tea quotes. The tea is one of our annual FUN-Raisers and best loved by all the ladies, but alas, my boss isn't a real tea person and decided that we didn't have enough people signed up so she canceled it. And wouldn't you know the Monday after canceling we had women coming out of the wood work to host tables...impatience never pays and good things come to those who wait. All my lovely invitations were dumped in the trash and I won't be able to use my new tea cups. I picked these up for $1 a piece.

While Mamselle was looking at herself in the mirror the White Lady stole the coveted Edwardian collar. I didn't have the heart to tell her it was on backwards, but then when you have no head it doesn't really matter now does it?


ellen b. said...

Oh such pretties, what great finds! I love your models and your photos! Beautiful. We won't be doing any island hopping since we already are trying to cram 1 big island into one short day :0)
I'll soon be headed to the airport to pick Dear up...

Anonymous said...

A skunk mucking about
is definitely reason to shout
and a tea party that gets canned
prematurely i dont understand
but the white lady has grace
in her edwardian lace
despite having no face
and how could mamselle deny
in her appearance she feels satisfied
when upon her reflection she gazes
as that stunning ensemble dazes
....everyone? inclduing I....


I'm so coming to your neck of the woods one day fab Cori G. Totally swoonworthy...
xoxoxoxo Roo who ♥s you

Deborah said...

What a delightful post! Beauty, humor, just the right touch of everything. Cori, you certainly have the artistic touch in all of your arrangements. I must must must come visit and join you on the flea market outings. I am drooling over all you finds.
**blows kisses** Deb

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

So sorry about the tea! I know how much you enjoyed that every year.

I love that delicate scarf with the bow at the hip's so you!
Your certainly have a good collection of pretty fluffy sweet notions....such feminine fare. :-)