Tuesday, May 6, 2008

For the past eight weeks, LaTeaDah has been hosting a Tea themed Blog-a-Thon that I've been participating in on my other blog. Each week there's a different theme and anywhere from 15-30 participants. There's been great recipes, lots of gorgeous pictures, and plenty of inspiration for hosting your own tea.

You can click on the picture to the left and it will redirect you to her site and don't forget to stop by my Pinkie Teas Blog site while you're there (or here). I hope you enjoy all the fun tea treats!


Tara said...

Hi Cori

I had started reading your blog just before dinner when I stopped to eat...my husband liked your music so we kept it on...we ate dinner listening to all your song choices and trying to figure out what they were! It was a great time..we think we heard music from Braveheart and nanny Mc Phee (a family fave!) Your choices are just beautiful!

How did you add it?


Tara said...

I am doing a giveaway for my 100th post, stop in!

A Pretty Home said...

HI there!
Very pretty blog :)


ellen b. said...

Hi Cori,
You asked about the Rose Bowl Flea Market. It is worth at least a once in a lifetime trip. Some things are way overpriced but you can find bargains. Anymore china made in England is so pricey. There were tea cups and saucers for 10,15,and 20 dollars. It seemed that people were willing to bargain. If I go again I will definately go to the early opening again. I won't go in the heat of summer. I'll go directly to the outer aisles marked a-z. Parking is free. I also was hands free. Had a little zip pouch in my pocket with cash in it. They stamp your hand so you can go in and out and get rid of any packages, etc. Take care....