Saturday, May 31, 2008

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The other night my sweet hubby and I took the puppies out for a drive and on our way home stopped by the video store. He had just finished reading a book titled "Into the Wild" and heard that it had been made into a movie.

It's a true story based on the life of a young man who upon completing his college career sets off on a journey to escape from the often harsh realities of life.
Before he set off on his journey he donated what was left of his college fund ($24,000) to a Hunger Foundation then left without telling his parents. He did not want to be found.

His journey took him from back East out to the West, through Mexico, and up into the wilderness of Alaska. What touched me the most about the movie was the kindness and generosity of the people he came in contact with. Everyone was willing to help him out and they were genuinely concerned for his well being.

It was the story of one young man and yet I wonder how many others lives have paralleled his. Children who run away from home never to be heard from again. What pain and agony it must cause their parents. Living with the guilt that they have failed their child in some way.

There was some nudity and foul language here and there, but in spite of that I felt it was a movie worth watching. It didn't have a happy ending but, then sometimes real life situations don't.


Marye said...

My 16 year old, who is very deep and Thoreau-like, is reading this book. He is enjoying it although he did agree that there was some things that he skimmed over because of the language etc.

Robin Chistensen said...

Several months ago, our brother handed me that video. He said, "I see so much of myself in this, both good and bad." He added, "Except for the ending...God gave me another chance."

After Allen and I finished "Into the Wild", I cried tears of relief. As odd as it may sound, my tears were for his parents; for their loss, their lessons, and for learning that their son did indeed love them.

Pat said...

This sounds like such a sad story. I'm not sure I would be able to watch the whole movie. Was the young man mentally ill? So often Mental illness develops in young adulthood and parents are unable to direct their children towards getting the help they need.