Thursday, May 29, 2008

On my way to work each morning I pass a sign that has random comments about this and that. Some weeks I drive by and I think, "what is that all about!" and other weeks I think, "that's interesting."

Some weeks my husband and I have long conversations about what's been posted and other weeks we just think the sign guy is running out of great things to say.

This weeks sign was different and I've found myself pondering it's meaning quite often over the last few days.

Be careful not to confuse wealth with success!

In today's society a man or woman is usually measured by the amount of money that they make on an annual basis or the things that they accumulate over time but, all of these things are merely temporal. They can go up in a vapor of smoke.

Shouldn't a persons success be measured by the way they treat others or how they hold up in the midst of a crisis? I think so. It's what's in a persons heart that makes them successful.


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Pat said...

Very intriguing! I agree, wealth is not an end all, the more important aspects of life are what we contibute to the world.

Have a good weekend Cori!

Hugs, Pat