Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is not my usual post!
I have something that has been bothering me
and I've decided to write it down.

I work for a non-profit CPC. Otherwise known as a Crisis Pregnancy Center. It's not a popular job and in this day and age it's definitely not politically correct. First I would like to say that we are a Christian based organization that is funded by individual donations, the occasional grant, and some loyal churches. For this we are very thankful.

Our desire is to help women make educated decisions while facing an unplanned pregnancy. We do not believe in abortion but, if a woman chooses to end her pregnancy we will not condemn or judge her for her decision but, we will be there to help her pick up the pieces of her broken heart. And many of them do come back devastated!

That said I can get on with my issue.
In order to gain awareness and support in our communities we often hold fundraisers of various types. This last week we held our 2nd annual FESTIVAL near one of our clinics.
The person in charge of making contacts did a wonderful job but, was very adamant that people not know we were a Christian based organization. It's not exactly P.C. as I mentioned before and he was afraid that if people knew who we were they wouldn't show up. Not only were they not told that we are Christian based but, they were told that we are a family clinic. We do not help families in the sense of helping families but, help women and children. We can provide free diapers, clothing, maternity clothing, formula, blankets, bottles, Dr. appt.'s, ultrasounds, and other resources. All of our services are FREE!

I printed out about 8 thousand fliers that were distributed at local schools, various organizations, and any other place that could be thought of.
The day of the festival all the vendors showed up but, only about 100 people. 100 people out of 8 thousand fliers!
As I sat there watching everything going on around me I thought, "why should the Lord bless an event that He was intentionally left out of?"
I don't think that He should and I don't think it was coincidence that no one showed up.

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Moorea said...

You are so right! The gentleman in charge of contact has a serious case of FEAR! The fact that 8,000 fliers were sent out and only 100 showed confirms your thoughts about the matter.