Friday, May 22, 2009

The Day has Arrived!

Good morning ladies,
I hope you all have exciting plans for the weekend ahead. Me? I'll be pulling the ugly old brown carpet out of the guest room then refinishing the hardwood floor beneath and I decided that since everything was going to be out of the room I may as well re-paint, replace the trim, make new curtains, and convert my over stuffed closet into someplace I can work on crafts. But, before all that happens I have to clean the room out...oi vey! Fifteen years is the longest I've been in the same place and I've collected lots of "things" that I have no idea where I'm going to store while the work is being done.

Mamselle was a bit miffed last night when I moved her from her lovely suite and into the room with the airplane propeller and wooden tail wing, but she became truly horrified when she glanced about and saw all the motorcycle paraphernalia and "manly" objects flung here and there. She much prefers to be cozied up to her pink cast iron radiator that warms her cold metal cage and makes her all toasty inside. Oh yah... the radiator! It has to removed from the room too. What a project that is! I think it weighs at least 150 lbs. and can only be moved by placing rags under its feet and drug from one location to the next. I found it in the corner of an old antiques shop 21 years ago. Its one of those objects that I just can't live without.

So this is where I'll be for the next few days, most likely covered in dust and paint and tripping over all my lovely things, but I'll check in from time to time and let you know how the project goes.

Until then, have lots of fun!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I can't wait to see the finished result Cori! Enjoy re-decorating and organizing!
Hugs, Pat

grey like snuffie said...

Whew----hope it goes well.

Deborah said...

I love Mamselle! She is looking mighty spiffy. Love the radiator too. You are quite the clever one. I think we need to go treasure hunting together!! Still gray here...hoping for blue skies soon. We will be working on the "secret" project out back. Wishing you a lovely weekend, although yours sounds more like Labor Day! **blows kisses** Deborah

Beverly said...

Cori, I am going to enjoy watching the transformation.

And, I LOVE that bed. Love it!!!

ellen b. said...

Take plenty of ibuprofen :0)
Love that old heater...the details on the iron are great or they look like their great from here. We had that kind of heating in Bekins Hall at the University of Redlands. It was so funny hearing it bubble and squeak! You have quite the project ahead of you. I hope you have no surprises !! I'm shutting down the computer and heading for the airport! Happy Memorial Day to you!

Lara Harris said...

Your blog is beautiful!:o)

Andrea said...

Wow! You do have your hands full, but when complete, it's going to be well worth it! I can't wait to see the finished product.

Your bed is beautiful! Very elegant!



fairmaiden said...

Have fun!

simplyiowa said...

I wish you lived closer too... You would Simply Love Iowa...
I still have the old horn, it's only 85.00, I don't know how much shipping would be, I've never shipped anything. {I'm real good at getting the treasures home though!}
You must come visit! Wear your grubbies and bring a truck!
See Ya!
Barb C.