Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Floor and other Rescued Objects

Ooh, look at that pretty floor! Pretty disgusting, don't you think? Can you imagine all that nasty stuff under the rug for years and years and years...YUK! But once the carpet and foam were out and the floor was vacuumed it was in much better shape then I expected, and guess what? There was not a stain on the floor. It was perfect!
I've had many lovely little guests inhabit this room who I believe enjoyed the soft plush warmth of the carpet beneath their feet as they've piddled in corners and under the bed. Can you imagine scolding a sweet little fuzzy bunny for such an act of rebellion? They don't listen. They don't care. All they know is that it was more convenient then running to the litter box one room away. Oh yes! I've had INDOOR bunnies. Three to be exact. The first was Mr. Lumpkin, then came Poppet Muldoone, and my final indoor bun was Toodles MacGruder. Bunnies, bunnies, how I love bunnies. Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wander off on one of my rabbit trails.

Every home has objects that are either rarely used or completey forgotten until one day when the mistress goes searching for that one particular item only to find a treasure trove of things once held dear. That's just what happened to me as I was cleaning out the closet...if you remember, this room has always been refered to as, "The Black Hole." Once things end up there they are never seen again.
I uncovered two of these English Oak chairs in the closet. The other two are in the living room, but none of them can be sat on. Can you guess what my next project will be?

And then there's this lovely arm chair that has been patiently waiting for me to find the inspiration before I begin its restoration. While at the fabric store yesterday I found the most gorgeous fabric with huge red and pink roses. It sang to me as I walked by.
Fabric does that you know!

And I found these in a box of photographs...the bells of my childhood.
Growing up they hung on the front door of my grandma's house and whenever I would visit one of my favorite things was to swing the door back and forth just to hear the sweet melody. Oh, and Robin, if you read this post and remember there were seven strands of bells...this is only one strand. The rest are hanging on the back of my front door ;).

It feels much like moving day at Brambleberry Cottage what with all the boxes stacked on every available surface and tucked in every corner, but I'll spare you by not showing you how everything has been turned topsy turvy. Well, maybe I'll show you just a little...

The hallway has become home to the bed and the radiator and this is one of the less cluttered rooms, if you can call a hall a room :).
Oh, Ellen B, thank you for the advise and reminder. I took two Excedrin "Back and Body" pills before going to bed and woke up feeling perfectly refreshed.
Now, I must be off for another day of hard labor. Base boards need to be removed along with all the moldings around the windows and doors. Ooohh! This is exciting!!
I love a hard days work and the progress that it brings!


grey like snuffie said...

You have so many treasures...that is a beautiful floor...I never understand why people cover wood floors. Have fun!

Deborah said...

How exciting! The wood floor is going to be fabulous. I LOVE the low window in that room. I am still forbidden to post pics of hubby's project until the big reveal. Come tonight when you finish your labor and we shall sit in the jacuzzi. **blows kisses** Deborah

ellen b. said...

Oh that floor looks wonderful. How great that there are no stains!!

Tara said...

You have set up quite a project but I think the outcome will be incredible! The chairs you "found" are wonderful and just need the right fabric (which you'll be sure to find!) your headboard!

Robin Chistensen said...

Ooh!!! I love my tassels! Cute and whimsical. And I can't wait to see what you are going to do with my sleeping quarters. Ooh la la!

Thank you, Cori.



Allidink said...

Oh you've been busy busy! I love finding things that I had forgotten about only then I'm mad that I forgot about them LOL. I love your dress form by the way :) She looks very pretty :)

All the best,

Deanna said...

Hi dearest!
How have you been? I've missed you bunches and I decided yesterday to not do Pink Saturday for a long while. I was spending the whole week going to each blog and not having any time to visit anyone else. Between that, and my niece and nephews school activities and pre-graduation parties, I found myself abandoning my special bloggy friends. I realized the other day that I had not been by to see you in such a long while. So sorry for that!

I so enjoyed the tour and reading about your bunnies. I love their names and I would have to say that my favorite was Toodles! How can you get made at a bunny named Toodles? Your grandma's bells are sweet and I bet they have a darling melody.

Well, I hope you are taking care of you and are having a wonderful weekend!

Lot's of love and hugs,
Deanna :D

Beverly said...

Cory, thank you for the smiles you always have here waiting for me. I think your bed is safe because I didn't tell my husband. I just know he would be at your house with a truck if he knew it was there. ;-)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Wow Cori --I'm more behind than I though --and look how bust you have been! The floor is in such good condition will look beautiful when you finish everything in the room. I ahve heavy metal radiators like that in my house :-)

I can't believe those pretty chairs were hiding in a closet --tha must be a BIG closet! My closets are teeny tiny.