Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hello! HeLLo! I've been so busy with this and that and haven't had time to check in with you all, but I've missed visiting each of you!
My excuse? Just life, or something like it. I've been so busy with work and the daily ins and outs of running my little cottage that I haven't had time to stop and smell the roses, or the wisteria, or the Jasmin that mysteriously crept up the back side of the bunny run. I used to keep bunnies, did you know that? They are without a doubt the most darling of creatures plus they make my heart sing. I once had a bunn named Mr. Lumpkin, but he was such a regal little fellow that he ended up with the title of "Sir Thadeus Lumpkin the First-the Duke of the Kingdom of Ro'dent." I also had a wacky room mate who happened to be a kindergarten teacher who one day asked if I could bring Mr. Lumpkin for show and tell. "Sure, why not!" After all, he was a very popular little bunn. When the day arrived she introduced him as the Velveteen Rabbit come to life and I could never walk onto the campus without three or four little kids screaming at the top of their lungs, "LOOK!!!! It's Mister Lumpkins mom!!!...The Velveteen Rabbits mom!!!! Hi Misses Lumpkin." He became a huge celebrity...thankfully it never went to his head!

You should see how pretty the vineyard is! The grapes are plumping up beautifully and I'm hoping this year they'll be super sweet, not like two years ago when I was experimenting with my old coffee grinds. I figured they worked great for roses so why not grapes? The fruit was so bitter and nasty that not even the birds or possums would eat fact I thought about ripping the entire vine down, but then decided to leave it as it provides the only shade in my backyard plus I didn't have the heart to destroy it, not when it continued to stretch and grow and wrap it's little tendrils about the arch that it clings to. Passing beneath it feels like passing from my yard into a magical kingdom where anything could happen. There is however, some sort of weird mystery bug that spits on me everytime I sit in the adirondacks. I've searched and searched, but have never figured out what it is. Spitting bugs in the vineyard...sounds enchanting don't you think?

Just like our little birdhouse, Brambleberry Cottage is in need of a new roof. When I first moved here every morning I awoke to the rudest banging noise coming from the roof top. It was the crows! Ripping and tearing then throwing our shingles over the side of the house only to cackle at me as I tried to shew them away with whatever I could find to toss at them. They always seemed to be mocking me, but I became used to them and they to we just ignore each other and go about our merry ways.

Well here's a curious thing...a petticoat swinging in the breeze. Hubby and I were on our way to Mimi's for breakfast and one of the neighbor's was having a yard sale so hubby decided to drive by real slow to see if there was anything interesting. As we passed by I spied this little petticoat hanging from the garage door. "Go back!!! I need that petticoat!!!" You see, mademoiselle has been begging for a petticoat and since she has no legs or pocket book the task fell to me to find the perfect fluffy little article of clothing. When I walked up to it my heart sank for I thought the price tag said $50, but then I noticed it was just 50 cents. I was so thrilled that I gave the neighbor 1 dollar and mademoiselle has been happy ever since. I'm hoping this will keep her out of my closet :0!

There she is with her lovely new petticoat.
Oops! I cut the bottom half of the picture off.

Here's Mademoiselle's bedroom. She does not know it, but her suite is about to get a make over. This poor little room has been affectionately labeled, "The Black Hole." If something doesn't have a home it ends up in the black hole. If laundry hasn't been folded it ends up in the black hole. Let's face it! Everything ends up in the black hole and somethings are never found, but all that's about to change. Next week I'm ripping out the carpet, refinishing the floor, painting, and hubby has the fun job of transforming my closet into a craft station. I think it's going to take about two weeks, but after 14 years of waiting it will be well worth it!

Oh! Here's my little ladies chair that has gone on to live with my sweet twin, Fiffer Lou. This was one of my first attemps at upholstery and while I loved the chair the scale of it was too large for the rest of my sad, but what a happy day for Fiffer Lou!

Well, it's 9:15 pm. Past my bedtime so I think I better be going for now, but hopefully I'll be able to catch up with everyone over the next few days.
I hope you have a lovely evening!


fairmaiden said...

I always love seeing pics of Bramble Berry Cottage and gardens. So fun! Even if it is crumbling about you, it is enchanting. I want to grow grapes over a trellis...soon, dear hubby needs to build the trellis first, then we'll plant some grapes. Do you have any suggestions on what kind?

I will look forward to seeing your transformation of the black hole. Tootles...Fairmaiden

Cori G. said...

Hi Fairmaiden,

I had a bunny named Toodles who was such a gentle hearted little girl. She was my last then hubby said no more. Alas, my heart will never be the same.
My little vineyard is an interesting tale in itself that started out with a Thompson Seedless that was stuck in a pot that began to take root after much neglect. We've built so many wooden fences that suffer from rot so hubby built an arbor out of heavy re-bar and we planted our little vine at its base. Does your Carpenter hubby have any welding tools as that would come in handy. My hubby welded it together and it's about two feet wide. I'll take a picture of it for you. There is also a Greek restaurant here that has a ginormous vine that grows from one end of the patio to the other. It's supported by huge cables that are attached by huge hook screws. Maybe hubby will take me there for dinner this weekend and I can take pictures of that too!
Well, I must run, but hope to visit you later. I was there two days ago, but left no comment, but your garden is looking lovely and Sundance's helper is too cute!!!

xoxo Cori

Beverly said...

I'm anxious to see the transformation of the black hole. The black hole at our home is the top of my desk. Just why is everyone inclined to "pile" stuff there?

Allidink said...

I used to work at Mimi's haha. Ahh Mr. Lumpkin sounds sooo cute! How funny :) I want to see your vineyard! How romantic :) I think that spitting bug thing is a crack up but seriously seek and destroy because that's gross LOL. Did you google spitting bug? Are you sure it's not a nasty crow pooping on you? LOL just kidding. That petticoat is so stinkin cute! What a deal, it looks adorable on the dress form! Ooo I want a dress form. Yay makeover can't wait to see :)

All the best,

Deborah said...

Oh I loved the tour! Your home is so, well, HOMEY! My favorite kind. I love mademoiselle. You did a splendid job on her! PRETTY. Vanessa said they do not like the "M" word..(mannequin). Wishing you a lovely day. **blows kisses** Deborah

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I had a black hole bedroom also. We finally took out the carpet, painted it and transfromed it into a sweet little room. It still sometimes holds our luggage and assorted items before we can store them away but a lot less now that I can keep it's door open.

Your bunnies sound so cute! I loved the Velveteen rabbit story when I was a child and always wanted to catch my toys talking to each other while I was asleep.:-)

fairmaiden said...

Thank you Cori for all the advice. I will pass it on to my dear hubby, I am sure he can build something. He knows how to use rebar...he builds tiltup commercial buildings...lots of rebar! I've seen grapes growing on cables at restuarants now that you mention it.

Moorea said...

Oh! The little ladies chair at the end of the post- I have that same fabric for my dining room chairs! Great minds think alike!