Saturday, May 9, 2009

The sun was setting beyond the sea.
Casting shadows over my Faerie Ring.
I gazed out my window and all I could see
was a bed of roses clothed in red and pink...

then suddenly the flowers began to sing,
each little bud in my Faerie Ring.
So sweetly their anthem flowed from within
and ever so gently did it end.
For each one was raising her head to the sky
looking for Faeries as they fluttered by.
Singing and calling and wooing them home
for far afield the faeries will roam.

When the sun gently sets in the western sky
it's time for the faeries to awake and fly.
Over grasslands and yonder streams
while most of us sleep with our peaceful dreams.


Robin Chistensen said...

Are you the author? Beautiful.

ellen b. said...

Oh so lovely. I really like those dreamy photos you took!

Deborah said...

**swoons** What a glorious view you have of your little fairie world! Your photos are enchanting. LOVE your poem. **BIG sigh** Deborah

Cori G. said...

Hello Robinski,

Yes I am the author. I don't know if you know this, but as a child I wanted to write children s books ;).
Whenever we went to grandma and grampa's house on the lagoon I spent hours making up stories in my head while walking along the wheat field.

Love, Me

Robin Chistensen said...

WELL... we didn't run a Bed and Breakfast together so LET'S WRITE CHILDRENS' BOOKS. I NEED AN ENCHANTED COAUTHOR AND AN ARTIST!!! Can James draw coyotes?



Cori G. said...

Hey Rob,

Jimmy can draw just about anything, but his creatures might give children nightmares ;0! They always have bulging eyes and crooked teeth...he's very good at ghoulish things. Not sure where that comes from ;(. One time he was sculpting my head from clay and it was perfect, except for the eyes, so he smashed it all in and within 15 minutes I turned into what looked like a scary sea creature...Oh my!!! You wouldn't want him as an illustrator :0!

Allidink said...

Lovely pictures and a lovely poem!

All the best,

Bernideen said...

Beautiful photos of inspiration!