Monday, May 18, 2009

The Guest Writer

Did you know I have another blog? I do, but I seldom post over there. It's called the "Pinkie Teas" and started out as an idea between three friends to start our own little Tea Society where anyone could join. We were going to meet by-monthly, have our own newsletter, and just have fun, but then hubby was laid off and I had to take on more hours at work which meant less time for the funner things in life. That was four years ago and our little society still hasn't taken wing and flown to who knows where, but Janet and I have continued to dream and still get together for tea as often as we can.

This is Janet and I at the last tea we attended which is one of our favorite annual events. It's called "Locke & Noble Tea" and is held in the home of the couple that host the tea...such a lovely event!

Recently Janet attended a tea and wanted to post it on the "Pinkie Teas" blog so I said, "send me some pictures and your write-up then I'll post it." So if you'd like to read about Janet's interesting adventure click on the picture that says, "Pinkie Teas" and it will redirect you to her post.

I hope you enjoy my Guest Writer and her recap of her "Teaventure."
Pinkies Up!


Andrea said...

Cori, thank you so much for your precious comments on my Mother's Day post. It means so much to me, and I appreciate you and your words, which could be no kinder.

I have been a bit overwhelmed with busyness and fatigue, but hopefully, I am slowing down a bit and recovering.

To be sure, I will take a look at the "teaventure."

Thank you, again, for being such a dear friend.

With Christ's Love,


ellen b. said...

I'll head right over :0)

Allidink said...

How awesome! I wish I had some cool society of tea parties lol. What a cute idea! I will definitely check it out!

All the best,

Moorea said...

Sweet! I'll check it out. ((hugs))

Deborah said...

Oh so sorry about Janet's disappointing tea party. That was a quite expensive piece of cake!

Beverly said...

Cory, thank you for sharing. I'll head over there right now.