Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello and Happy Monday!
This is Gwendolyn, the faerie who dwells beneath the eaves of Brambleberry Cottage, who is, right this very minute blowing many happy thoughts your way. Many happy thoughts MY way since Monday is my least favorite day of the week. Is it yours too? My favorite day is Friday. It's my quiet day. My day to wake up and spend a leisurely morning curled up on the couch with my puppies, a fresh cup of coffee and my favorite book...the Bible.
But today is Monday and so the week begins...already there is drama, but we won't go there...LOL!

Let's talk about Friday instead! Much of my Friday and Saturday were spent merrily puttering about my cottage while rearranging the furniture, which I might add is not an easy job! Somehow I've managed to squeeze 18 pieces of furniture into the small rectangular space with piece layered upon piece. Let me tell ya, this girl does not need one more piece of furniture!!

After several months of living in disarray I'm finally able to see the tops of tables again and oh how I love my pretty shiny oak wood! My vignettes, that's another story. I've never been very good at arranging my you have any ideas?

I had a brilliant idea about 5 years ago to buy a weence little cabin in Big Bear so I started collecting furniture to make my cabin nice and cozy. Once I realized hubby and I could barely maintain Brambleberry Cottage I threw that idea out the window REAL FAST, but I still have the furniture. Talk about putting the cart before the horse!!

And since we're talking about carts, Sunday hubby and I stopped at a Target in Huntington Beach that was 2 full stories!!! I had no idea that such a thing existed. We were both baffled to find an escalator in the center of the store, but what do you do with your cart full of goodies? Why, you put them on their own escalator so they can travel between floors with you. I'm sure many of you have seen one of these before, but it was a first for me. Do you think I need to get out more often? Yeah, me too!! Do I live in a bubble or what?!

Sunday afternoon was spent under the shade of a huge tree with a cool ocean breeze. It was so lovely! We were celebrating my little nephews birthday. He just turned three...he's such a cutie!

Hey look! Monday is almost over. At least the work day is and I'm finally back home. Now that wasn't so bad was it? It must have been the happy thoughts Gwendolyn was blowing in my direction...and hopefully yours!!

Oh! I have to tell you, my darling friend Deb of Midlife Poet has a son PFC Ryan, who's serving in the Army. He's home for a week so it would be nice if everyone popped over to her blog to say "Hi" and "Thank YOU!" It's because of brave young men like PFC Ryan and his buddies that make it possible for those of us in the US to sleep peacefully at night.

And I hope yours is a lovely one :-).
Until next time...

xoxo Cori


ellen b. said...

I think your vignettes are very nice already. That's a new word I just learned from blogging...vignette before I would just call it my pile of stuff...
I'm making ferry reservations for Dear, Katie and I to do a one day fast trek to Vancouver Island to take in Butchart Gardens and Victoria. I'll let you know what I thought of the routes we take...

Sonalida said...

Thank you for the happy thoughts, welcome to my blog, appreciate the visit. Have a lovely week, Monday is almost over.

fairmaiden said...

Hmmmm...what feet with tats? I am a bit confused. My choc. post was because I'd been munching on those choc. mini biscotti's and T.J's dark choc. bars...but that bedding is really called 'chocolate'. So where are the feet you are talking about. I have no tats(that would be my son).

I see your feet here with pretty painted toes!!! Hugs to you. ox fairmaiden

Anonymous said...

Oh my you like like quite the gypsy girl in all the lovely colors against the verdant green and that last pic!
Yay for gettin by Monday unscathed!
And hey, I'm right there with ya-I had no clue there were escalators for buggies!! Wow. Pretty soon you'll be able to just shop rmeote control by your computer at home, with a buggy with an arm that reaches out and grabs whatever you want that you see from the attached camera.
Yikes. I'm scaring myself.
Ahem, I mean, back to Brambleberry-darling! So clean! Not a speck a dust, I'm impressed! And ooooohhhhhh at the bunnies......
I love me some bunnies.
() ()
(* *)
Happy Tuesday through Friday dearest Cori G!
PS I did already stop by Ms Deb's, as I am sooo glad her son is home-hoorah!
xoxoxoxox Rhonda Roo who loves you :-)

Deborah said...

Oh Cori,I love your home. It is so cozy and inviting. You are so sweet welcoming Ryan like this! He has read all the comments and it means the world to him. Did you know that infantry soldiers only sleep about 3 hours a night, even on leave! He is wearing me out already!!!! Today is his birthday. **kisskiss** Deb

Beverly said...

Cori, Monday is my least favorite day of the week, too. Sunday is my favorite.

Your weekend sounds as if you accomplished those tasks that make you feel so good. And, it all looks very pretty to me.

Thank God we have brave service men and women to fight for good.

fairmaiden said...

OMGoodness...those toesies would happen to be mine! But that's not a tattoo, now I'm giggling, it's just sand. Tee I can see what you funny it looks like a tat! I bet you have some, you wild gypsy girl! Do tell. Love you bunches xoxo fairmaiden of the sea

p.s. bella gets all her fluff cut off on Friday...I will miss it, but she will get terrible dreads if we leave it for our trip to the ocean. Your puppy's are so fluffy don't ever cut their fur off do you? Oh, and we saw the tiniest maltese today..a teacup size...she had peach fur with a tiny tiny black poka dot bow in her hair. Absolutely adorable!!!!

fairmaiden said...

Gypsy girl, My nickname in H.S. was Kerbear...which lasted into college. But my nickname in my family since childhood still is chick or chickadee(my real middle name is dee). So there you have it. I also will never get a tattoo. I have a very high pain tolerance but I don't like tattoo's. My son has alot of them now and I have had to get used to them.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Ah, Cori, your vignettes are already so beautiful! You have so many pretty things. I am like you in that I live in a tiny house and can not add one single piece of new furniture. I wish I had just a little more room, but that's the way it is!

I shall visit Deb next!

Hugs, Pat

Sara said...

We've got a two-story Target nearby us too - I recognized that shopping cart escalator right away!

Your cottage is so very charming...I love the views you share with us.