Friday, July 10, 2009

This is My Last Post!

On my new room that is! I'm sure you're all getting tired of seeing it so I've decided it's time to move on to other things even though it seems this project is still on going. All I have left to do is decorate my walls and make my drapes. Next weekend I'll be getting my ginormous work table out so I can lay out the fabric and be done with it! I've got this gorgeous chocolate velvet fabric that I'm going to use and line it with blackout cloth. This little cottage has no insulation and when the temperature soars into the 100's heavy drapes are the only things that keep me from going batty.

My Vanessa Valencia's finally came in the mail and I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to frame them up and hang them in my new room. Don't you just LoVe Vanessa? She's the sweetest little elf in Bloglandia. I say she's an elf because she lives under her huge tree filled with treasures and trinkets. Only elves live in trees you know...well there are also squirrels and birds and other such wonderful things, but she's an elf and I love her so!! I Love you Vanessa!!!! We all love you Vanessa!!!!
OK! enough gooey stuff about the Fanciful One.

Tomorrow morning one of my favorite local shop owners (Gilding the Lily) is having a huge tag sale as well as some of her neighbors and I'm hoping she'll have some beautiful vintage frames, so I can hang my Vanessa Valencia Sirens...ah! they are SO Beautiful!!!

One of the things we did in the closet was rip out the old shelves and replace them with new ones then added rope molding to the edges. I'm not sure where that idea came from, but it finished the shelves off nicely and added a sweet little whimsical touch.

When we removed the doors I seemed to suffer from a brain blip and forgot how much JUNK was stored in here. Have you ever seen the movie, "27 Dresses"? I love that movie!!! One of my favorite scenes is when she's trying to stuff all those dresses in the closet and the door won't cute!!! That's kind of how this closet was. There were days when I needed to get in there, but was terrified I wouldn't be able to close the door while everything toppling out on the floor.

Do you remember my little desk? I kept debating whether to paint it or not, but after three weeks of feeling like I woke up and went to sleep with a paint brush in my hands I decided to leave it the way I found it. Plus I really am a dark wood kinda girl. Horror of horrors!!!! Dark wood!!!! I just love the warmth of it against a light background ;-).

Fabric, Fabric, fabric...what am I going to do with all this fabric? some of it is the most beautiful Sari fabric from India that I think I'll make into skirts. There are so many lovely colors and patterns that it makes my heart flutter so.

Well, I must go find Hagitha for I fear she's not tending to her cottage duties and as long as I'm on the computer I can't keep an eye on her. Tomorrow will be an extra busy day so I won't be around. First the tag sale then Disneyland with my God-daughter.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!!

xoxo Cori


Anonymous said...

But but my dearest miss cori g!
what you say just cannot be!
You show us great bits of paint and lace
then tell us we cannot see the place?
oh but you should see my face
my lips are pulled down
all the way to my toes
One thing Roo can do
is pout, goodness knows!
I'll agree with you on dark wood
against lighter pale
I'll help you straighten your fabrics without fail
I'll remind you you parked in Mickey, Row D
just say please you'll reveal the completed bedroom to meeee

(specially now that you mentioned chocolate velvet.)
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo Roooty Roo
who does indeed think the world of you♥

Cori G. said...

Rooty Roo,
Just for you
I will post an image
or two.
For I am sad,
I wish you could see
I've caused your sweet face
to lose it's glee.
Do not pout my darling friend
paint and lace continue to blend
from this room to that
you can be sure
my door will be open
so you can see more.

Rooty Roo,
with the gift of rhyme
I'm ever so thankful
our lives did entwine.
For who would there be
to rhyme with me
had you not fallen out from the leaves of your tree?
I so adore thee!!!

love you...C

Beverly said...

Now, listen here, Cori! You can't not show us the finished project. You just can't! You wouldn't do that to us, would you?! ;-)

Deborah said...

Love the rope molding! Such a little touch adds SO much. I can see why it has taken up so much of your time, for the room is perfection. DeeeeeeeeeeeeVine. Wishing you a lovely day at Disneyland with your special little one! Big love, Deb

grey like snuffie said...'s been fun to watch the transformation. Hope the sales are grand for you!

Barbara said...

Gilding the Lily!!!!? I lost track of that shop after it moved and couldn't find it again... I met the owner at "Beads, Beads" and was fascinated at all the findings she was purchasing and she told me she had a shop in fullerton and gave me the address. I carried it around for a time and on a whim when I was over in that area I went to look for it and it was gone...

The tag sale sounds to good to pass up; I'll have to set my alarm so I can get there by 8am from Anaheim Hills! I'm e-mailing my craft-buddy (who own Stampendous--a craft stamp company in Anaheim) to see if she wants to join the fun!

Hope to see you there!!!

Hugs, Barb

Cori G. said...

Who are you?...LOL! I always think you're Beverly from How sweet the Sound, but you have a blogger profile...invisible to the naked eye ;-).
Oh well, I just thought everyone had had enough of this room, but I must be wrong.

Barbara, her shop is in the courtyard by the restaurant Hidalgo. It's very small but oh so wonderful!!!
Maybe I'll see you there ;-).

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

My dear Cori
I would most certainly like to see the finished room..whenever thst may be! All the little glimpses gave been so sweet, so the big pictures of it all done will be such fun!

Have a wonderful weekend! Think of me when you ride the steamboat.


Andrea said...

Cori, you did scare just a wee bit with your post title! I thought, "Surely not; it can't be so, not her last. . . ."

Now, I am relieved you only speak of your transformation; however, I am not one bit bored with this saga. So, please continue to let us in to see your sweet world.

Blessings to you, dear one. Have a lovely, lovely time at Disneyland with your God-daughter! What a wonderful day it will be for your both.


P.S. God loves you! :)

ellen b. said...

You had me going with the title of the post. I was going to come over and knock some sense into your head :0)
Of course we are not tired of the photos of the room.
Oh a tag sale and Disneyland all in one day!? Have fun!
I'll be flying back to L.A. next week to attend my Sister's MIL's funeral. She died last night. My sister and her husband have been caring for her for a few years now. She was 95 and got mad if she woke up in the morning instead of being dead and with Jesus :0)

Deanna said...

CORIIIIIII!!! You almost gave me a heart attack!!! Mr. Timeless Things had to lift me up off of the floor (no easy task!)


Now I can put my smelling salts away....whew!

Deanna :P

Lisa said...

LOVE IT!!! I just love rooms set up to work with all the supplies so neat arranged in cool ways. I do wonder if I'd actually create or just sit and look at it all!! hehehe!!
Thanks for sharing! Your pictures are lovely!
Hugs, Lisa

Cori G. said...

Dear Ladies,
I'm ever so sorry to have given you all heart attack's, fainting spells, and the like, but don't worry,I'll keep posting for fear of my life...LOL!!
Deanna, you might want to tell Mr. Timeless things that Excedrin has a new product called Back and Body. My hubby always takes two right after pulling me from the floor...LOL!!!

Becky said...

Hello Cori,
Your room is fabulous. I can see how it is such an inspiration to you. I would want to create away on that sweet desk. I too am loving creams and browns so I am not painting all my furniture finds these days. You have got to be one happy camper with everything you have done and believe me when I say one more post of that incredible room would be fine with me!

Deborah said...

Cori, I just returned from mailing your parcel! So sorry to hear about your migraine. POO. **blows kisses filled with Maxalt** Love, Deb

Allidink said...

The room looks great! I'm tired of it lol. Love everything!

All the best,

Robin Chistensen said...

Oh my... now you have to keep your closet clean... Always...

Love, R (the sis) said...

Miss darling Cori, its me ;) The Elf? hahhaaa! I LOVE it!!

Your photos look amazing! And I like that you kept the desk brown. I love that in fact. You can always paint it later if you get sick of it ;)

I wish I could go to Disneyland whenever I wanted!! OH ME OH MY, take me with you in spirit please!! xoxo

Moorea said...

You bet your darn tootin' you will keep posting pictures! hahah! You did give me a start with the title- I yelled "Nooooo!" then I saw what you were up to. The best projects take the longest- and we are with you all the way.

Blessings to you the weekend!

fairmaiden said...

Everything looks so pretty Cori. I'm so glad your room turned out just the way you like it...and that you want to show it off!!! It is draped in loveliness. Coco is icing on the cake! She has the cutest face ever. Poor lil Bella is in heat and so tired.