Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Sigh of Relief

Mademoiselle is finally back in her room,
but that doesn't mean we're nearing completion.

I can't tell you how many days I've stood in this very spot
I've been told many times
that it's the journey...
not the destination that's important,
but I think it's BOTH!!

Even Elmo has wondered
and spent many hours staring from behind the puppy gate
forbidden to be near the one he loves most...

The room still looks bare,
but soon it won't.

But I DO have a confession to make...

I've committed the design faux pas of the century...
and placed my bed in front of the window seat...
What is a girl to do when one entire wall
is covered with a single ribbon window.
Commit faux pas!
(Architects know nothing ;-O)!

My darling linen table cloth, I mean bedspread.
I found it while in Prescott for a song
and had to bring it home.


Cori G. said...

Hi Sares,
Thanks for visiting my blog and yes! I use Photoshop...sadly I'm addicted ;-O!

Have a lovely evening.

xoxo Cori

ellen b. said...

Oh I love the bead board wainscoting!! So nice. That tablecloth is fabulous. Mademoiselle is so darn cute!!
My new double oven arrives tomorrow.
Tonight we have the "guys" over for the Sounders vs. Portland soccer game. Our sons and two of their friends. I didn't know they'd be here but there was enough food to feed 3 extra guys. I love it when the Lord increases the fish and loaves like that!!
Blessings on the rest of your week. Do you get Friday off??

Becky said...

Oh my Cori, Your room is looking so beautiful. I love it, I love it I love it. And as much as I love how you have photo shopped a vintage patina over your pictures I couldn't see every detail of your beautiful room when I zoomed in :( Were you hiding drywall dust lol? I certainly remember those days. lol I want to see this room clearly. It is so charming and I love what you have done. Please don't take offence to what I have written. Your talent with the computer is amazing. I wish I could make my blog as pretty as yours. Perhaps it is just my blurry bloggin eyes this a.m. or my computer. But nevertheless your room is amazing my friend!

grey like snuffie said...

It's looking great...I shouldn't be on as we're hitting the road again in 2 hours and I've finished packing but I'm so glad I gave into the computer calling my name...I love the photo affect you are very appropriate for are very talented Cori! Okay off I go..hope your 4th weekend is grand!

Ann said...

SO far I am in love with what I see.. But do me a favor and make sure that when you show us the finished room the pictures show every detail..

Cori G. said...

Hey Becky,

Ha ha ha!! I did that intentionally ;O! All the dry wall dust is gone, but the room looks so bare and I haven't moved everything in so I didn't want the room to look BORING! Plus the mini-blinds...I would have preferred beautiful white shutters...alas, I have mini-blinds. Once I sew up my drapes and the accessories are in I'll clear up the pictures for you ;-).
By the way, nothing you could say could offend me sweet girlfriend.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh my goodness! Elmo will have nothing but sweet dreams once his paws hit that fabulous place! I cant wait to see the reveal! Lovely lovely.
Have a great day!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What a lovely room this is going to be ~ can't wait to see the end results!!

BTW, I love the finish you added to the pics ~ how did you do that? They look perfectly aged.

Angelic Accents

Allidink said...

It's looking nice! The dress form is sooo cute! Tablecloth or bedspread it's really pretty.

All the best,

Lisa said...

Love the room! it's just great! Don't worry about the bed palcement! If it works for you it's ok!
Hugs, Lisa said...

Your photos are freaking me out in their perfection!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!! You are a magical gal! xoxo